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Elements of MyFord Touch v3.5 Update

Thu Jun 13, 2013 2:45 pm

Today I got a letter in the mail from Ford.
In the letter it talks about the free software update for MyFord Touch.
V3.5 includes the following improvements:
  • *Simplified phone pairing process.
    *Enhanced voice recognition performance.
    *Improved call sound quality
    *Simplified voice commands for radio and USB-connected audio players.
    *Enhanced drivability.
    *Updated Bluetooth device/SYNC compatibility.
    *Outside air tempature display on the 8-inch touchscreen.
MyFord Touch Special Features for the All-Electric Vehicles
  • Addition of "EV Info" button on MyFord Touch Home screen provides access to unique screens for your Focus Electric Vehicle.
    * Charge Settings screen including On-Board Charging Programming, Cabin Preconditioning, and State of Charge.
    * Powerflow Screen that shows energy flow information.
    For vehicles equipped with Navigation, update includes rings reprsenting vehicle Electric Range and updated Electric Charging Station POIs with over-the-air updates via SiriusXM TravelLink (requires active account)
    Customizable Charge Port Light Ring illlumination settings.
The update can take upto a half day.
:arrow: After having this service performed, if you already have a MyFord Mobile account, you may need to re-add your vehicle to the account at
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Re: Elements of MyFord Touch v3.5 Update

Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:23 pm

I received the same letter today (June 13) ... shortly followed by seeing a "rant" from someone via myfordmobile (heading: "Focus EV and getting it serviced") saying that the only (of original 3) remaining nearby service department knew essentially nothing and wanted to charge 300$ plus labor for this "free" software update.

Please share with us if you have decent results with your local dealer / service department. I want to believe that Ford employees know and care about the car.
I shall go ask one near my home in the next few days, hoping for good answers.

(Separate question, once you have the update: Do you think it is worthwhile?)
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Re: Elements of MyFord Touch v3.5 Update

Fri Jun 14, 2013 3:56 am

JTCalif wrote:I want to believe that Ford employees know and care about the car.
I'm sure Ford employees do care about the car, not many know about it though. However, dealership employees are NOT employed by Ford. Dealerships are independent from Ford. This has been made plainly obvious recently by Tesla's problems trying to get "factory stores" everywhere and not being to successful at it.
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Re: Elements of MyFord Touch v3.5 Update

Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:51 am

The software upgrade is free. All need to do is show the letter to service department. If this don't work show it to the service manager. If this doesn't resolve the issue then call the number in the Ford letter. This will get results.
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Re: Elements of MyFord Touch v3.5 Update

Fri Jun 14, 2013 8:24 am

Two information to add:

My local dealer accepted the car for the software update without the Ford Company letter.
I took my FFE into service at Power Ford in Tustin, CA earlier this week. That is before the official letter from Ford Company was sent to me but at least I confirmed through the Ford webpage the service action issued specific to my VIN. The service advisor did not raise any issue or object to my bringing the car even before the letter was generated to me. He certainly did not ask for money. The car has been there more than just a day, though.

The car information disappeared from
From the second day the dealer started working on my car, there was no longer registered car in I can still log in but each time, it takes me to a dialogue box saying "No vehicle has been assigned to your account. Would you like to add one now?" Once I log in without adding a vehicle, there is no vehicle related menu available. Other than the 'account' button, Community is the only area in which I can play.

I am hoping to get my car back today. I will report back whether I will get all the accumulated driving statistics back or start from 0.

I got my car back from the dealer after the Sync 3.5 update.
After the update, the car information at disappeared.
I went through the process of adding a vehicle, (the usual 24-hour procedure of adding a vehicle).
During this process, I received a dialogue box that states there is an existing vehicle profile and would like to continue to use it. By answering yes, all the prior statistics were restored. However, the statistics were being stuck at the old value and not being updated anymore. As someone suggested in another thread for the similar problem, I think I will delete the vehicle profile and go through adding a new vehicle all over again.

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Re: Elements of MyFord Touch v3.5 Update

Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:20 pm

My car was updated last week. It took overnight due to some glitch. The dealership is Flood Ford in Wakefield, RI. These people have been great. No questions, took it right in, had problems updating, called Ford who apparently was little help at all. The service manager gave credit to one of his own personnel who was knowledgeable in the sync tech. Available the next day. Total cost $29.95 for new windshield wiper blades.

I was able to reload the car into MyFordMobile without any problems and retained all of my previous data.

I haven't done all the exploring on the new sync system. However, there is a an entirely new screen that gives information about the battery and a complete graphic of the car shows your battery usage. Kind of interesting but for to me it is a little of a "so what" image. It now shows the outside temperature on the main screen which I do like.. ;)
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