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Feb 21, 2021
Just thought I would share. Been 3 years since I bought my 2013 FFE. Knock on wood it has been uneventful. When I bought it the plan was short trips around and save the 2011 Sienna van for all the longer trips. I only charge it with the 110 charger that came with it. Stays in a under the house garage, cool in summer, warm in winter. I have literally checked the air in the tires, topped up washer solvent, and checked coolant level. Nothing else! For 3 years!
I took it on a longer trip yesterday. Showed 72 miles on guess o meter, drove 58 miles, showed 12 miles left. Looks like very little battery degradation.
Came across a 2019 Nissan Leaf for a good price. My wife likes the more leg room, a real trunk and 225mile range. So now I have 2 EV's. Will probably keep the FFE for a while longer then let it go. Will post here 1st when it goes up for sale. Steve
I just got mine and also have a sienna for road trips. Glad to hear these over a decade old electrics are still going strong