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Dec 12, 2023
Someone is selling FFE 2013 for 2.5k. Vehicle is a little scuffed, but I'm not worried about comestics.

The price itself got me interested in it, however as I don't know ANYTHING about this car, figured come here to get some opinions. I plan on checking it out tomorrow afternoon, so any input would be great.

The posting does say that the batteries have been replaced, but the owner said it was done by previous owner and hasnt really given me much info other than that.

Also for some background, My daily commute to work is about 9 miles round trip? The longest trip I'd take with it would be roughly 50-60 miles. I currently have a model y that my SO drives. I myself daily either a boosted miata deathtrap or v8 frontier... So I'm looking at this car as a potential gas saver/beater for myself. I also have a solar system that is more than enough to charge the car.

Any input would be great :) I'll try to get more info on the battery replacement.
When I first got my 2012 in 2016, the vehicle had like 45K miles and the batteries had lost around 25% of their capacity. I think it had a lot to do with being driven really hard by the original owner, but even if it's been babied, 150k is way up there and when the pack got replaced will be quite important.

If you don't have an OBD reader that can work with forscan, clear one of the trip meters and give it a good drive to see how many kWh equate with the percentage drop in SoC. The larger the range you can test over the better - the SoC percentage can drift a bit from the actual change in available energy
Beware that your range may vary widely. Mine sure does.

My 2014 FFE has 75K miles. Currently, with the original battery pack at an optimal temp (usually non-winter, around ~80F ish), with no a/c, no heat, no defrost, and non-highway driving I can get about 65 miles per charge (when new I could get about 95 miles per charge under these conditions).

However, if the battery pack is at 20F, and I am driving on the highway and only intermittently using the heat and defrost, I currently will only get around 30-35 miles per charge (when new I could get ~55 miles per charge under these conditions).