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Aug 28, 2022
Posted this previously in technical but thought I would post it here too just as a reminder to check your coolant level in case you have a leak.
Hello Fellow FFE owners. Been a happy owner of a 2014 FFE for about 6 years bought mine at 2 years old with about 14k on it. Just passed 60k miles and 8 years.
Came back from a trip about a month ago to a dead 12v battery. When replacing the battery, noticed coolant was low. Like just below minimum low. Didn't think a lot about it. Just went down to ford and picked up some of the correct coolant and topped it off.
Didn't think much about it. Car running fine. Have had zero problems since replaced the SSN cracked harness issue back in 2016. It Just kept bugging me since I hadn't noticed any coolant on garage floor so got underneath to check for evidence of leaks and found none so started to think where did it go. Only place I could think was in the battery pack. So checked on our forum and realized from numerous other posts, this is a thing that's a known problem and sounds like my battery was maybe days of weeks from bricking itself. I immediately took it to ford even though they said they couldn't look at it for a few weeks.
Been watching my 8 year battery warranty clock tick down which expired early this month. I was lucky here as when I got it in a WEEK before by battery warranty expired.
So flash forward to this last friday. Been a pretty big pain dealing with ford and car was in shop over a month but consider myself super lucky that I happened to notice coolant when I did. If warranty is up soon, CHECK YOUR
Anyway, they replace with the following:
I noticed that the part number appeared to be same as the one for the 17-18 33.5kwh batteries even though the oem one for a 2014 I think is 23kwh?
I picked it up friday and took battery to 0% so I could recharge and so I could see what size battery I got. Crossed fingers it was 33.5 which it seem some forum members reported previously while others got smaller battery.
I used my KillAWatt meter and charged at 120/level 1 till it now is at 100%.
My Killawatt registered 24.54 kwh.
About two months ago when I last checked my old battery since I knew warranty was coming up I got 91% charge (SOC) of original 23kwh which I thought was fantastic for a 8 year old battery with 60k on it.
According to my math, 24.54 out
Of 33.5 would only be 73% of the pack available rather than 91% I was getting with my
Old pack.
Now, I'm grateful that first I noticed problem and then that ford, after some wrangling, agreed to fix it and my pack now has more kwh in it than my old one did however, if I'm only getting 73%, seems like ford put a very heavily cycled, just above the warranty, 70% capacity pack from some totaled car or something and as I understand how these packs work, if it's already down to 73%, it is probably a 33kwh pack but is used and basically about to crash and soon I may be getting significantly less kwh than now.
Since I got 24.5kwh, I assume there's no way that I got the smaller pack but since it's only 24kwh, I'm thinking they gave me a junk 33kwh pack that weighs more than my old pack.
Anyway, does anyone know what a "reman" pack really means? If they're selling these things for $16k or so is anyone buying one getting screwed? Are these ramanufactures packs used or taken out of other cars or built out Of used cells?
Does this comform to the warranty requirements? If my engine on a ICE car blew up, they don't do a warranty replacement with a used Engine.
Anyway, for those who got screwed when the coolant leak happened just after their warranty expired which seems to maybe be somewhat common but if someone decides to get theirs fixed or if this is truly a warranty fix, can they just give you a used battery? Any ideas from the technical side to Explain the 24.5kwh number?
Thanks guys. This forum literally may have saved me $20k and for that I am eternally grateful for all of you!
The number from the Kill a watt include the charger efficiency of 85-90%, from the 24.56Kwh that you consume, that can be a full 20.8Kwh in your Battery. There is no way to tell that you got a crappy 33.5Kwh or just a brand new (refurbished) 24.5Kwh pack.
If it's a terrible 33.5kWh pack, it would take far more energy to charge than a good 23kWh. One of the primary reasons for the difference as they age is due to degrading charging/discharging efficiency.