2013 FFE for sale with issues

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New member
Feb 17, 2023
Hello all-

This is my first post here.

I bought a 2013 FFE some time ago. Ran it 85 MPH on the freeway & it performed well but sucked the battery down as expected. Charged it overnight & it showed like 68 miles till empty. Drove it a few times & plugged it back in. No bueno. It didn’t charge and threw a fault code. I brought it to the dealership & paid for a diagnostic. SOBDM is bad. Dealer wants like 6 grand for the part plus labor. A few junkyards have them and offer warranties but I’m just too busy. I can part it out and probably recover most of my money but who has time for that? I paid $7200. I would take a loss on it just to not have to invest my time in parting it out. Since it showed 68 after a charge, I think the high volt battery is pretty good. 12 volt battery is new within the last 6 months.

It still drives but it’s at like 10% now from sitting and won’t take a charge. It’ll drive on your trailer. Offers on the whole car? Maybe offers on parts! Lmk