Share details of the LTE migration?

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May 20, 2016
The Valley of the Sun
For the sake of clarity, I'm hoping folks can share some details of this migration. Up to now, on 2G and 3G, my Focus Electric has been using the MyFordMobile app/site. For the folks with 2016+, were you also on MyFordMobile or were you in the FordPass app?

If you were on MyFordMobile, did that change when you updated your TCU with the new LTE model?

I'm trying to work out as many details as I can to maximize my chances of success here.
I have nothing to support this other than my fuzzy memory of what I have seen others post online. I believe we all use MFM. For some reason it appears MFM is not compatible with the LTE modems so everyone on LTE must use the MFPass app. I've seen people on the FB group who said the MFP app doesn't support all the features of MFM yet. Hopefully someone with first hand experience can clarify or correct me.

Personally my TCU failed (would kill the 12V battery) about 1 month out of warranty. It wasn't worth the hundreds of dollars to be able to see if my car was done charging or to remote start with the app. Without the TCU I also lose go times and value charging. Neither a big deal as I can remote start with the fob in the winter and I don't have TOU rates for my electricity.
Hello again, its been a while.
Just got G4 upgrade performed here in Langley BC Canada
Yes to requirement to log into Ford Pass app.
It activated fine and I was also able to add my wife's account to the same car which was confirmed through my Ford Pass.

Ford Pass has all the previous MFM controls excluding the information stuff like Rankings, which I looked at from time to time for amusement.

However, the go times & Battery level notice controls don't work.
I used the battery notice in MFM quite a bit.

Hey guys,

Ford let me down and never answered my request to add my FFE to the field service request. Owners of old Ford cars are left behind.

I am trying to make it happen myself by switching the modem and changing parameters at Forscam, however I got no luck so far.

If anyone who has performed the exchange successfully, either themselves or in a dealer, is willing to share their Forscam parameters, I would be grateful.

Chrispy294ss said:
Just got G4 upgrade performed here in Langley BC Canada
Whoa. Me too! What dealership? Dams? How much was the modem. They quoted me initially about $550 then when I followed up a few days later, it was now $660.

I ended up getting it done at a Fire dealer in Abbotsford, and the modem cost $460 CAD.
Anti_Climax said:
If you're in Canada you don't need the LTE modem yet - the 3G sunset date is for the US.

Unless they've decided to just abandon the old app entirely right now.
The 21B09 CSP expires at the end of May 2022, so if it doesn’t get done now, none of it will be covered by Ford.
I'm just noting that this is a CSP to address the US sunset of AT&T 3G. Cars with 3G modems in Canada would not lose connectivity and likely get their own CSP when Canada gets around to sunsetting 3G.

I manage a fleet of M2M cellular devices and none of the major carriers in Canada have set a sunset date.

If you personally feel at risk, I don't fault you for buying in, but you're not losing it for a few more years at minimum and it's not a foregone conclusion that this is the only chance you'll have as a Canadian owner.