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Jun 20, 2016
Wow what an odyssey, a couple weeks ago my Sync stopped working, didn't know why but then I got I noticed that there was a Sync update so I thought well I'll have to tend to that. A week later I finally did, I went to the website to get the download but the page just had a little spinny thing in the middle of it it never loaded. Two or three days in a row I tried and finally got through to a page that said a custom update for your vehicle will be sent to your email soon... 24-hours rolled by and I got no email so I called up Ford to ask why, I explained the long process to him and all he said was you'll have to try again later I said how much later? He said two hours, I tried back in two hours, four, six,... no change. Frustrated I went back to the webpage I got the same notice about receiving an email, once again after 24 hours I did not get an email, so I called again. I got you'll have to try again later...again. 24 hours later I went back to the website for the third time and got the same message again, this time I noticed it was a pop-up window, and there was something under it, so I X'ed out of the pop-up and Scrolled to the bottom of the page and there was a download I pushed it and it took me through a series of commands that actually produced an update, I took that update out to the car, put it in, and the car said congratulations you updated successfully!

Then I went back to the website to advise Ford of my update. When I went to the web page (using a link provided in an email from Ford) I couldn't advise Ford because the page kept fluttering back and forth between the sign in page and the download page one after another after another over and over again endless loops, so I gave up on that and I found a page detailing how to advise Ford manually by following a series of prompts, that worked.

I had called Ford two times and was so frustrated by the shear apathy of the phone operators that I ended up asking to speak to a supervisor (both times) They said I would get a call from a supervisor within 24 hours. Eventually I got two calls from two supervisors. These people were unbelievably unconcerned about solving the issue, the first guy literally said you just have to take it to a dealer, I asked will they charge me for that? He said maybe, that's just the way it goes! then he basically stopped talking to me, that was just plain ignorant. The second guy called to tell me that the website was broken, it has been down for 2 weeks and they didn't know when it would be back up. I said I already knew it was broken and I had no idea when it would be back up either, so that was very helpful.

Long story short Ford Sync website seems to be in a complete state of chaos. the prompts do not relay correct information, the Pop-ups seem to be legacy relics from old pages/policies. Nobody on the "help" line knows how help you through the commands, or how it's supposed to work, why it's broken, or when it will be back up, I don't think they even have access to the page because their operators will tell you that they have no control over it, due to Fords "limited resources" Nobody knows how it works, nobody knows how to fix it and nobody (including the supervisors) cares at all. So now my car says it is "successfully backed up" and the web site said "thank you for advising Ford of your update" Just one thing... my app does not work, not on my phone, not on my computer. I can not remote start, I can not check the state of charge, I can not locate my vehicle (in app) or use my Go Times.

In these times when connectivity is so important to prospective car buyers, this is how FMC provides "customer service"? I've always liked Ford/Lincoln cars, I bought my first new Ford in 1975, good cars, and mechanically this one (2015 FFE) has been too, but in this connected world Ford is clearly out of their depth. I'll not buy another ford, I can't trust Ford anymore.
On the bright side, this car's connectivity is exactly the same as your 1975 model. So it hasn't gotten worse.

Do you know if Ford has replaced your 2g modem for a 3g modem?
Also, you can check if the modem is detected by the car if you go in the settings / about section. If you do not see a serial number under the modem section your problems could be related to that.
If it is the case, Ford needs to pull out the modem fuse for a couple of minutes and put it back.
See my previous post on it: