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May 20, 2016
The Valley of the Sun
I'm at around 48 hours since activating my LTE TCU. Here's the status as of the app:

I see the option to lock/unlock/start but none seem to work.
I see when I am plugged in, details show my estimated range to empty. Estimated finish time seems to be my last charging session on L1 before removing my old TCU. It doesn't show the amount of time on the charger, energy, distance added, any of that.
It does show the current location of the vehicle but nothing under the "status" drop down.
Charging has buttons for charge settings (preferred times and departure times), Charge level notification (won't set) and charge logs (empty)
Journeys seems to only have data from the in-app tracking generated by my phone rather than the car itself. "My EV Driving Data" shows one trip from yesterday morning when my wife drove using her key. My trip later in the evening did not log.
The vehicle location displays on the map.

So it seems 80-90% of the functionality is not working at this point.

I suspect a lot of this has to do with the TCU expecting fairly specific data from other modules and not getting it. Whether that relates to those modules being older revs or simply running older SW, I don't know.

It would be very useful to get As-Built config data, module revs and CANBus data from a 2016+ model with the LTE TCU. Anyone up for hacking along?
I took mine back to the shop today because I was missing charge, range, and GPS location data after the dealer performed the update. In addition, only my wife or I have access to vehicle data on Fordpass. If one has permissions, the other is unable to obtain them. Once we get the car back, if it's working I can pull the data you need.
I updated in another thread, it started mostly working after changing the first config entry from ...82XX to 42XX.

I also find out today that despite letting me add my VIN to my new account on FordPass, it was still in an old account I created when I was using MFM. I cleared it out, but it still doesn't seem to have populated to the dash of the new one.