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Jan 6, 2019
I've checked Amazon, Ebay, next stop is the dealership. Do they make a retractable trunk cover instead of the fixed parcel shelf? The shelf gets in the way whenever I carry cargo, and it would be easier to retract a soft cover instead of a fixed one.

I see notches in the trunk for another system, so it appears Ford makes a different trunk cover.
Most cars have something like whats pictured in the link. Most vehicle trunks have 2 sets of notches for multiple systems (for different markets) and that looks to be the case for the Focus. I see a second set of notches, but I wonder if its for some type of tray with storage that goes under the hard shelf.

Check out the link and let me know if you've seen anything like it for the Focus. I find the trunk so small that I dont want to limit it's size even more with a hard shelf. I would rather have a soft shelf that you can easily stow when you need the space.
Did you see if one for a C-Max will fit?
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