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Feb 22, 2019
A few days ago, I explained how me checking the current draw through a multimeter screwed things up.
Before that was done, my 12V battery had been disconnected for about a week.
So the HV battery showed 0 miles and 0 kw ETE. I knew this to be completely wrong as I remember the HV battery had about 50 miles range and voltages of the individual cells were at 3.65 volts approximately.
The fix appeared to be to just reset the HV battery state of charge correction using forscan. Doing that the range changed to 30 miles. And the individual cell voltages did not seem to change.

The vehicle drove fine, but something did not seem right, the range did not seem right for the "fixed" ETE.
I checked the cell voltage again, and discovered #42 was about 0.11 volts lower than the maximum. It seemed to be only cell with a large variance, all other cells varied by 0.01 volts.
I did a full 240V charge and while the Forscan said that balancing was in progress. No balancing happened. The ETE was 23 kw.
The range said 105, which for 23kw would be fairly difficult to do, but I thought that because I was doing a slow drive through the neighborhood a day before, it might be reflecting that .

I asked about the voltage/charge state to trigger a rebalance in the forum, and if a map exists where to find a particular cell.

Wednesday, I drove the car around to get the SOC less than 80%, thinking this was necessary to initiate a rebalance.

Thursday, Friday, and today, I monitored a full charge up with forscan.

I found that the current being supplied by the SOBDM on board charger was 17.7 amps, yet the power meter outside said I was consuming 7.1 kw. And I found that though it said that rebalance was in progress, the #42 cell voltage did not increase, The ETE went to 24.252 kw. and the pack SOC stopped at 95%, while the displayed SOC was 99.5%. Range was now 112 miles.

For over 24 hours, the battery was supposedly rebalancing, yet voltages did not change, there was a current draw of 0.1 amps, and no values: SOC, #42 cell voltage, high/low cell difference, ETE, changed. It seemed that the current drawn was to just run the coolant pump during charging.

18 months ago, I provided another member my As Built Data for the BECM, as they wanted to reconfigure a 23 kw car with a 33.5 kw battery. Today I did a check of the As Built Data for the BECM. Something is very wrong here:

See next post.
BECM As Built Data 10/25/2022 BECM As Built Data 4/27/2024
;Block 1 ;Block 1
7E4G1G10000000000ED 7E4G1G10000000000ED Same
7E4G1G200435A8B 7E4G1G200002513 Different
;Block 2 ;Block 2
7E4G2G100012FA800C6 7E4G2G1000135600084 Different
7E4G2G2012FB00001D0 7E4G2G2013560000186 Different
7E4G2G32ECD00012F1B 7E4G2G33560000135BB Different
7E4G2G4AB00012EC38E 7E4G2G46000013560E7 Different
7E4G2G500012EC900EA 7E4G2G5000135600088 Different
7E4G2G6012FE4000108 7E4G2G601356000018A Different
7E4G2G72FC100012F14 7E4G2G73560000135BF Different
7E4G2G8A500012FA16B 7E4G2G86000013560EB Different
7E4G2G900012FA400CA 7E4G2G900013560008C Different
7E4G2GA012FAB0001D9 7E4G2GA013560000194 Different
7E4G2GB2F3800012F95 7E4G2GB3560000135C9 Different
7E4G2GC9C00012FDFAA 7E4G2GC6000013560F5 Different
7E4G2GD00012FD40004 7E4G2GD000135600096 Different
7E4G2GE012FA00001D2 7E4G2GE013560000198 Different
7E4G2GF2FA200012F03 7E4G2GF3560000135CD Different
7E4G2H0A400012F966D 7E4G2H06000013560F9 Different
7E4G2H100012FA600DA 7E4G2H100013560009A Different
7E4G2H2012FA80001DE 7E4G2H201356000019C Different
7E4G2H32FAB00012F10 7E4G2H33560000135D1 Different
7E4G2H4AA00012FAF96 7E4G2H4600001356003 Different
7E4G2H500012FA700E5 7E4G2H50001356000A4 Different
7E4G2H6012FA40001E4 7E4G2H60135600001A6 Different
7E4G2H72F9E00012F0D 7E4G2H73560000135DB Different
7E4G2H8A800012FA38C 7E4G2H8600001356007 Different
7E4G2H900012FA200E4 7E4G2H90001356000A8 Different
7E4G2HA012FAE0001F2 7E4G2HA0135600001AA Different
7E4G2HB2FA000012F13 7E4G2HB3560000135DF Different
7E4G2HCA100012F9C82 7E4G2HC60000135600B Different
7E4G2HD00012F9A00E0 7E4G2HD0001356000AC Different
7E4G2HE012FA50001F3 7E4G2HE0135600001B4 Different
7E4G2HF2F9D00012F1A 7E4G2HF3560000135E9 Different
7E4G2I0A200012F9F90 7E4G2I0600001356015 Different
7E4G2I100012FAA00FA 7E4G2I10001356000B6 Different
7E4G2I2012E7A0001CB 7E4G2I20135600001B8 Different
7E4G2I32FAC00012F2D 7E4G2I33560000135ED Different
7E4G2I4AF00012F6264 7E4G2I4600001356019 Different
7E4G2I500012FA700FB 7E4G2I50001356000BA Different
7E4G2I6012FB1000107 7E4G2I60135600001BC Different
7E4G2I72FB300012F38 7E4G2I73560000135F1 Different
7E4G2I8A700012FACB0 7E4G2I8600001356023 Different
7E4G2I900012ECA0027 7E4G2I90001356000C4 Different
7E4G2IA012F2F00018F 7E4G2IA0135600001C6 Different
7E4G2IB2FAC00012F3B 7E4G2IB3560000135FB Different
7E4G2ICAC00012FADBA 7E4G2IC600001356027 Different
7E4G2ID00012FA40006 7E4G2ID0001356000C8 Different
7E4G2IE012FA700010B 7E4G2IE0135600001CA Different
7E4G2IF2FA800012F3B 7E4G2IF3560000135FF Different
7E4G2J0AF00012FADC1 7E4G2J060000135602B Different
7E4G2J100012FB30019 7E4G2J10001356000CC Different
7E4G2J2012FB3000121 7E4G2J20135600001D4 Different
7E4G2J32FBA00012F57 7E4G2J3356000013509 Different
7E4G2J4B700012FBBE1 7E4G2J4600001356035 Different
7E4G2J500012FB60026 7E4G2J50001356000D6 Different
7E4G2J6012ED8000149 7E4G2J60135600001D8 Different
7E4G2J72FBE00012F5F 7E4G2J735600001350D Different
7E4G2J8C300012FB4EA 7E4G2J8600001356039 Different
7E4G2J900012FC20036 7E4G2J90001356000DA Different
7E4G2JA012FB900012F 7E4G2JA0135600001DC Different
7E4G2JB2ECC00012F70 7E4G2JB356000013511 Different
7E4G2JCC000012FBEFB 7E4G2JC600001356043 Different
7E4G2JD00012FBA0038 7E4G2JD0001356000E4 Different
7E4G2JE012FCE00014E 7E4G2JE0135600001E6 Different
7E4G2JF2FCB00012F7A 7E4G2JF35600001351B Different
7E4G2K0B900012FB7F1 7E4G2K0600001356047 Different
7E4G2K100012FB8003A 7E4G2K10001356000E8 Different
7E4G2K2012ED2000155 7E4G2K20135600001EA Different
7E4G2K32ED000012F82 7E4G2K335600001351F Different
7E4G2K4C300012FC30B 7E4G2K460000135604B Different
7E4G2K500012FBF45 7E4G2K500013560EC Different
;Block 3 ;Block 3
7E4G3G100EF 7E4G3G100EF Same
;Block 4 ;Block 4
7E4G4G100F0 7E4G4G100F0 Same
;Block 5 ;Block 5
7E4G5G100F1 7E4G5G100F1 Same

W.T.F. happened here? I haven't changed the As Built Data, unless that is what the reset the HV battery state of charge correction does. Does it?

I am very much tempted to set the As Built Data back to previous, whatever that may be, to factory spec, or to what it was back in October of 2022.

Any suggestions?