SSN Fix: DIY Upper HV Pack Heat Exchanger (Cooling Plate) Removal

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My system to use the individual tubes to connect to the cooling plates ended up not working... The combined force of all the tubes bent at such a tight radius caused them to "push" the manifold out of position. Any tubing that was more flexible simply kinked when trying to bend at such a tight radius, and unfortunately there simply wasn't enough space to fit them anywhere else...

In the end, I ended up deleting to cooling system and bypassed it in the tunnel before the point where it tees off to the two packs. This also enabled me to evacuate as much coolant as possible from the upper pack, so hopefully I won't have to pull that one out anytime soon. I've put close to 100mi on the car (including about 40mi on a day where it was 90+ deg out) without any issues.

In the longer term, I might try to look into some sort of cell replacement option to retrofit into the pack, however that will be easier said than done since these packs are such a "strange" number of cells in series, and isn't divisible into equal sized modules because of that.
I'm sorry to hear that your plan to retain the cooling plates did't work out, I was hoping it was going to, it sounded like a good idea. I have made a coolant bypass loop in the tunnel the same as you did but I haven't been able to drive the car because I'm still trying to fix the DTC P2601 (pump "A" control module stuck/off)