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Mar 5, 2020
Hi everyone,
In my search to buy a 2018 FFE, I've been looking for elusive non-greyscale vehicles. According to the official Ford literature, consumers had the choice to get their FFEs in "Outrageous green". I'm able to find gas-powered Focuses in that colour, however, the only pictures of FFEs in that colour I can find on the internet are of renderings from official Ford literature.
Does anyone have pictures of an Outrageous green FFE in the flesh? I'm starting to think they were never produced.
considering they were only made in that color for what 1 year. and there was somewhere between 1k and 3k IIRC made the last couple years of the FFE, they may have only made a handful of them.
Yep, that's outrageous alright....
That color grows on ya. I like it now. Reminds me of aphids, or maybe apple Jolly Ranchers, and one of them tastes better.....
Kermit would choose that color, no doubt.
I did a search of used Outrageous Green Focuses (Foci?) and they do exist, just in ICE models on the market. No EV green ones. My EV is "green" (carbon footprint) but its actually blue.
Well, plenty of Chevy Spark EVs were sold in a very similar color:

And a closely matching color is the brand color of the Kawasaki motorcycles, with varying degree of yellow metallic flake:

YMMV (Your monitor may vary)

A little bit of trivia, the brand colors of Japanese motorcycles are as follows:
Honda Red
Yamaha Blue
Suzuki Yellow
Kawasaki Green
Other brands:
KTM Orange

This color branding is never more prevalent than with off-road and dirt bikes. If its red, its a Honda, if its orange, its a KTM, etc.
The Bolt has "Shock" color (yellow-green), and I charged next to one a couple of days ago. Too flashy for me, but Camaro's look like vintage "Hot Wheels" toys in their green:

I finally found a picture of a real one!

Turns out some of them made it out of the factory in outrageous green before being discontinued.

My driving needs have substantially and permanently changed since the start of the pandemic to the point where a Focus Electric wouldn't make sense anymore (daily commutes are rare, the few drives I do are long distance to visit family). Nonetheless, I've been monitoring the classifieds just out of curiousity, and it's paid off.



If you bought it, Congratulations on finding your dream car!
If not, you were still successful on a nearly impossible quest.
So where did you find this green unicorn?
Upon re-reading, it's indeed vague as to whether or not I got it.

I didn't end up buying a Focus Electric for the reasons mentioned above. With my projected long-term remote working situation, it would have likely turned into a driveway paperweight needing 2 years of payments, and costing more in insurance than my current car.

Not knowing whether or not any outrageous green ones were ever built kept eating at me a bit. So I never stopped looking at classifieds... I guess a part of me also wants to do something a little irresponsible ; )

This unicorn is in Sherbrooke, Québec. At the time of writing, the owner's asking for 23,500 CAD, which is pretty high for a Canadian unit with the fabric seats. But, if there are any other people out there like me, they'd probably pay (or pay close to) that premium.