New Ford Focus Electrics coming to dealer lots in Texas!

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Texas FFE

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Aug 3, 2016
Okay, there is only one dealer in Texas advertising in a new Ford Focus Electric and there aren't any pictures of the actual car so the car is probably "in transit". You have always been able to order an FFE in Texas and it will take at least three months to get it delivered but to actually have new FFEs on dealer lots in Texas is news. There were quite a few new FFEs on dealer lots in Texas in 2016 but I have not seen any new FFEs on dealer lots for over a year.

Texas is reinstating the $2,500 rebate for electric vehicles in April, maybe we are starting to see dealers preparing for the increased EV sales expected because of the reinstated rebate. Or maybe Ford is trying to push excess FFE inventory to Texas. Or maybe this is a start of Ford trying to push battery electric vehicles out to all fifty states.

2017 has been a record year for electric vehicle sales but Ford has faired poorly compared to many competitors due to aging models and limit stock. Maybe Ford is trying to increase availability in non-compliance states to expand their EV market. Whatever the reason FFEs are showing up on dealer lots in Texaw, we know that if Ford does not start stepping up their game in regards to electric vehicles they are going to have a difficult battle catching up to market leaders when the market starts to seriously turn towards electric vehicles.

One thing is for sure, it looks like I will no longer have the only 2017 Ford Focus Electric in Texas.
Very cool- would have made it a lot easier to get mine in Houston. Even with the state rebate and sans a shipping fee I’m not sure they’ll be able to match the price points in California though.
The Ford website does not list Texas as a state where the FFE will be sold. A quick check shows none in Texas.