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Dec 25, 2010
Some news articles on the Ford Focus are talking about the ability to order the 2012 Focus online:

Although consumers can order a 2012 Focus online now, it won't be available in showrooms until at least late summer and the electric version won't be available until year's end, said Paul Witt, a Ford spokesman who brought the preview version Monday to...

Although it doesn't specifically say anything about the Ford Focus Electric version, I hadn't seen this before so I had to go to the Ford configurator and check for myself.

And, much to my dissapointment, it of course does not include the Ford Focus Electric, although it got me all excited about the Ford Focus EV when I saw all of the features that are available!

The Ford Focus comes with something called MyKey, which enables the car to remember things based on which key is being used - you can now give your teenager a key and the car can have a maximum speed set etc.
There's lots of buzz out there about whether or not the Ford Focus Electric will be available for pre-sale like the Nissan Leaf was.
Considering all the issues that Nissan had, and is STILL having with delivering on those promises, I think it would be safe to assume that Ford will not offer pre-sales on the Ford Focus Electric, at least not until they have them built and ready to ship (which of course wouldn't really be a pre sale at all).
It's over, it's finally over - the wait for the Ford Focus Electric is finally over, thanks to this Ford Focus Electric forum I found out that on November 2 Ford will be taking online orders for the Ford Focus Electric.

According to the Ford Electric Vehicles facebook page, Ford will be releasing details on the build and pricing form for online ordering of the Ford Focus Electric Forum on November 2nd!
Wow - super excited about the chance to finally order the Ford Focus Electric! Although some of my excitement could change depending on what the price of the Ford Focus Electric will be...

Thanks for keeping me on top of things, Ford Focus Electric Forum!
$39,995 with destination charges. $995 more for leather. Add a joke of a sales tax in California makes it a $45,000 car. Even with the tax credit, this is too much.

So bummed. I guess I got caught up in the hype of a $30,000 car.

I guess it is a Honda Civic CNG to replace my 2004 Civic Hybrid (199,000 miles) for me.

:shock: :x
Was not really surprised at the pricing (over on the LEAF forum we had a poll on where it might be -- a fairly large number got very close to what it was); I really did think a Focus EV would be my new EV but this confirms that I made the right choice, even with the '12 price increase for the car I should now get hopefully in early December. Best case scenario, we won't see any Focus EV's in IL until at least mid year. The last straw I guess are the quite muted colors available --- what no red ??? perhaps other shades will become available as it rolls out throughout the U.S.; heck I think the Volt is even available in red ?

I'm still looking forward to the C-Max Energi which may end up being available about the same time as the Focus EV will be in the midwest as I'll need a bigger companion to the LEAF which may be in my garage for close to 7 months before it passes a Focus EV on the roads of Chicago.
Too expensive for my bank account, I would much prefer to buy American if at all possible, but looks like a Leaf for me. If Ford and GM really wanted to get people into the EV ranks, why not price competitively, especially knowing that Japanese quality is still superior?
not many posts yet and perhaps none of us are in either NY or CA areas of the 'early' launch but has anyone actually placed an order for the '12 Focus EV ??
I ordered one and paid the deposit almost a month ago.
The dealership told me that it should be 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.
At this time the dealership still can't even get a VIN from Ford.
I cant see how they can possibly make the delivery date.

I was on the fence deciding Volt/Focus but now that it looks like there are going to be delays I might have to rethink my decision and go with the Volt.
Is it delays from Ford? Or is it just mis-informed dealers/dealers who think they know what they're talking about?

Deliveries of the Ford Focus Electric are supposed to start in 'Spring of 2012' which could be late spring, April maybe even May or June?? which is months away.

Unless of course you're talking about the initial rollout of the Ford Focus Electric to the NY/NJ and California markets in late 2011 :lol:
(as previously mentioned on this Ford Focus Electric Forum here)
I called Ford last week and after giving her my order number I asked her directly if the Electric Focus was in production and she told me "YES" and then when I asked why I have not received a VIN yet she said that she did not know and that she would open a ticket and have a specialist get back with me within 48 hours.

Today I received a call from the Ford specialist working on ticket #0445420342 and was told that he called a Subject Mater Expert that talks to Dearborn daily and that the Electric Focus is not even in production yet.

When I questioned why are they letting dealers take standard orders with customers expecting 6 to 8 week deliveries if they are not even in production and his comment was that a dealer can order anything.

What bothers me is that on Fords own website http://www.ford.com/electric/focuselectric/2012/buzz/ the first article is CNETS "Ford Focus Electric to hit over 100 MPG equivalent" dated December 14th 2011, In that article it is stated “Ford today said it has started production of the 2012 Focus Electric at its Michigan Assembly Plant, a sedan the company expects to be rated at more than 100 miles per gallon equivalent.”

The question I have is why are they misleading customers? Are they just trying to make them think that it will only be a few more days to try and stop as many as possible of them from going down and ordering a Leaf instead?

I have been a Ford customer for many years and definitely prefer to buy American but Ford is pushing me away. Why can’t they just tell the public the truth?
Well, Google inc. received one, so at least we know the car exists.
I think it's all about profit margins. Ford is making tons of money on the standard Focus right now, and it's pushing its assembly lines to deliver more of them while gas prices are going up. They'd rather lose a couple EV customers now so they can meet mass market demand for the standard Focus.
That's all said from the 40K MSRP they put on the Focus Electric.
Let's not forget either that Ford uses batteries which are made cells from somewhere in Korea or Japan, and with the USD losing its value vs YEN for example, it may be that the battery pack Ford puts in the Focus Electric simply makes it a money drain.
Ford is realy truing to push me to foreign dealers.....

I am feeling that I should have just ordered a Leaf in the first palce... Now that the dealer finaly has a VIN for me they informed me that Ford decided not to give employees or family members D-Plan pricing and that the car will be FULL MSRP.
I have been purchasing cars from Ford using D-Plan pricing for years. The questionable part is that Ford published for their dealers back in August 2011 that there was no D-Plan pricing so that thet would be aware.
Is it right for Ford dealers to take a deposit and use the money for months and months just to say that they will refund the deposit if I do not want to pay full MSRP?
That's interesting that Ford won't allow the discount pricing on the Focus Electric - has it taken them this long to realize how much an electric vehicle can cost?

I feel like when you put a deposit down for a Ford Focus Electric, it was at a quoted price, and you putting money down is your agreement to purchase. That should lock Ford at that price. However, since they allow the buyer to back out perhaps that makes the contract less 'binding' which allows them to change their end of the deal to?

What do you plan on doing Dave? Now that you have a VIN for a Ford Focus Electric, do you have any estimated time delivery date?
Not sure what I want to do...
The car should be delivered any day now.
I like the Electric Focus but it really upsets me that Ford decided not to give out D-Plan pricing for employees and families.
I was thinking of letting someone buy out my position if they are willing to pay MSRP and not want to wait to order one.

My name is Thomas Cinelli from Hassett Ford Wantagh New York.
We are the dealership that sold and delivered Whit Gellman his 2012 Ford Electric
Focus this past Saturday.The good news is that I have four more 2012 Electric
Focus coming in to the dealership the first part of June. I have dealer invoices
in my hand and ready to sell. The colors I have are Ingot Silver, Tuxedo Black,
White Platinum and Oxford White all with Light Stone Leather seats. Please call me
at 516-809-4401 or e-mail me at [email protected] to get the deal started.
Thank You
russ55 said:
Too expensive for my bank account, I would much prefer to buy American if at all possible, but looks like a Leaf for me. If Ford and GM really wanted to get people into the EV ranks, why not price competitively, especially knowing that Japanese quality is still superior?

Most regard the Focus as way superior to the Leaf in engineering and finish.