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New member
Jun 7, 2021
Hartford City, IN
Hi everyone.

Let me start off I did not know there was a such creature as a Ford Focus Electric or a BEV and 2 days after I heard about this I bought one from Carvana (Gasp). Mine is a 2013 Silver and drove it for a week and straight into the shop do to the following.

I bought it online as that is how they do that. Upon delivery date, the guy delivering it texted me telling me there was no key for the car. This was July 5th. All I needed was "A" key. Car showed up and had this key that you stuck into the slot and it would power up in mykey mode and drive but could not lock the doors or unlock them for that matter.

I thought no big deal I will get a couple admin keys made and get it out of mykey and have key not cheap but no big deal. Was I ever wrong. So far, they, the dealership have not been able to program admin keys for this thing, and they have replaced some modules and verified the other admin keys are not showing and tried a few different fobs in case that was an issue, now have an engineer from Ford in Michigan coming down to determine what is going on with this car and as to why it can not be programmed.

Only thing I know so far is:
~In order to program anything I need two Admin keys. Which will not program And I had neither.
~There was an unreported body repair done to the driver side because I can see the paint was redone, but to what extent unknown.
~Ford dealership only has one guy, the shop Forman that is authorized to work on the car has "gone through the flow" of diagnosis to no avail.
~The first 2 quarters of the LED ring do not light up when charging.
~Battery life seems to be solid was able to drive as easy as possible about 50mph and achieve nearly 95 miles although that was using 100% of the battery and The navigation screaming at me to get to a safe place, but I made it back home to my level 2 charger

I live in Hartford City Indiana and charge station are pretty scarce but had intention on using a L2 charge at home and at work with 44 miles in between.

I like the car and am confident of its repair, because I am sure it has to do with some glitchy thing that has been missed somewhere that the mechanic will kick himself for over looking. Seems that this is the first time this shop has ever seem anything like this when using their god level computer to program an admin key noting happens.

I will update once I know specifically what modules they changed that did, and did not work, to make the repair. I am letting a Dealership do this and do what they feels needs to be done because I do have the warranty on the car.

I want to keep this car pure so to speak until I understand more of what is what. As someone who fixes everything that I have ever owned, this car is a completely new breed for me and don't want to jump to to many conclusions as there are way newer tech in this than I have ever touched.

Glad to see this forum and hope to contribute to it in the YEARS to come. :mrgreen:
I guess you will be wanting the service manual:

Extraction password is:
Heima said:
I guess you will be wanting the service manual:

Hey, thank you!

I actually bought the shop manual and the CD version of that already. I down loaded that one you sent and was able to verify that is what I had except it says 2013-14 other than that all seems identical and all is good.
Anti_Climax said:
I too have had mine sit at the dealership while a Ford engineer used the on site tech as a telepresence robot.

Here's hoping it doesn't take weeks/months

I did hear them refer to them as using the Robots, thought that was weird... Still waiting just to find out when they can grace the techs with their presence.

I'm thinking, unless you got a beyond sweetheart of a deal, this car might not be worth the hassle. There are other used FFE's out there.
Got the car back and after the engineer aka Robot looked at the car, it turned out to be the "RF" module. No more My Key issues and the doors lock and unlock. Range is about as it should be 76 miles. Very happy, however the bill was paid all via the warranty that I bought with the car. I do remember telling the service manager that it was like it had a loose antenna. The bill after doing all of this diagnosis flow came to about 1600.00 and just over a month in the shop, with one guy able to work on the car as that there were none other trained and able to work on it.

It was frustrating and was making me second guess the purchase, but I am happy with this vehicle still, and I do believe Ford was trying to make it a good competitive car in the BEV market.