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Oct 14, 2015
I've got myself a 2012 Ford Focus Electric which I REALLY loved, but unfortunately has been part of a front end accident. Just wondering what ICE models I can use as donor cars to replace the various parts from the front windshield forward.

Yes, I do know there are a few that will have to be unique.

Does anyone know the cost of getting a glider straight from Ford yet?

The front clip from any 2012-2014 ICE should be the same as the Electric. I think but am not sure that the 2015+ has only cosmetic changes. I would think the "frame" is still the same. I guess it depends on all what EV specific components are damaged up front and need replaced. Might not be worth fixing.
The front clip from any 2012-2014 ICE should be the same as the Electric. If you repair, you can search on youtube any kind of that, an do it
I have an old Geo Metro and a Ford Focus. Both of them are on their last legs with very high mileage. I am wondering which would be easiest to convert to electric.They are both manual transmissions.
Any opinions are welcome.
You can get a used FFE for very little. I was at one point interested in used and found quite a few at 8-10 thousand with only 3-4 years of use.
I have a same problem with you, but after read this tread and then i use the front clip from any 2012-2014 ICE, i can solve my problem, the front clip from 2012-2014 should be the same as the electric. Just try it.
You can sometimes find wrecked FFEs on http://www.autobidmaster.com/. I would try to get FFE part before I tried to use non FFE parts but used FFE parts can be hard to find. New replacement parts for the FFE aren't that expensive (http://parts.bartowford.com/auto-parts/2013/ford/focus/electric-trim/electric-engine) and would be a lot less expensive than buying another used FFE like some others have posted.