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Feb 6, 2018
We just got our Focus back from the dealer, it now has (finally!) a 4G modem. We were able to see this vehicle in the FordPass app, so far, so good. I can see Charge level, Est distance to empty, Charge log, & My EV driving. We are going to try to set up preferred charge times.

My question is, what is the most current software version for this vehicle? I looked around on the in-vehicle Settings, and found that our Focus has "SYNC 3, Software Version: 3.0 Build 18025_PRODUCT" if that helps.
If there is an update, it should show on

Pretty much guaranteed that the version on there will not be the latest possible one and I've personally seen that a version visible to others with the same model may not be visible to you if other SW on the vehicle is not compatible.

Actually wasted a ton of time with their support because the agent was adamant that I needed to update my sync to the newest version to address an issue and just assumed that me not seeing it was a problem in my end - rather than it not showing because it required a newer TCM rev in place first.

That being said, there is a site/discord for CyanLabs which regularly posts each new version of the Sync SW as well as map updates and the like. I'm not even on my original branch of sync anymore - updated hw from 2 to 3 - and recent updates have worked fine.
Thank you! From it looks like there is an update. Currently our Focus is SYNC version 3.0.18025, and there is an update to take it to 3.0.20204

On it asks "How do you want to install updates" with the options being WiFi, USB Drive, or Find a Dealer.

So I can do this using WiFi (over the air)? That is how my Ford truck updates, but I didn't know that the Focus would do that. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
You may be able to do it with wifi but I'm pretty sure you have to set up a pretty open network - assuming it will actually do it.

I've always just put it on a thumb drive and plugged it in to the USB ports inside the console.
My FFE says "SYNC 3, Software Version: 3.0 Build 20204_PRODUCT". tells me it is up to date and so does a dealership I checked with. Yet, I still don't have Value Charging or Go Times working which stopped when I got the 4G modem installed in March 2022. The estimate in the dash display of how long it will take to charge is typically 0.3 hours regardless of the SOC.
I don't think that's related to your sync version. Mine is stuck showing the data that was there when they shut down the old app. The TCU update has been fixing it for others but we can't be sure it's fixed for everyone across the board.
Anti_Climax said:
I don't think that's related to your sync version. Mine is stuck showing the data that was there when they shut down the old app. The TCU update has been fixing it for others but we can't be sure it's fixed for everyone across the board.

I was wondering just what needed updating.

When I was at a dealer for servicing and explained I needed an update for the Value Charging/Go Time problem, they immediately said they would check the Sync version. When I asked if it was Sync or something else, they were convinced that Sync was the only thing to be checked.

So, I should explicitly ask for the TCU Update? Is there a way to get it on a USB for installation?

How does one check for OTA updates? When I use the "check for updates" option on the menu, which it appears to only be for Sync, it just shows the spinning circle forever (well, I've left it on for 2-3 hours with no change, so it may as well be forever). I do this when it is connected on Wi-Fi. I would expect either a "no new update" message or an indication there is an update one the option to download and install it. At least, I believe I have seen this in the past.
I doubt you'll get an OTA update to anything but Sync.

The sync updates only cover the user interface aspect of the charge settings. The user interface is important but actual functions are not inside sync.

The TCU is the portion that has needed updates to restore that functionality. I'm running sync that's newer than anything Ford offers for our models and it simply shows the data that's been stuck since the old TCU was killed.

If the tech is willing to actually look at what IDS is doing during the TCU update, we can pull the file down ourselves but it is not a USB thumb drive type update, it's flashed to the TCU over CANBus. They don't usually dig in because they don't have to, they just get a notice from Ford that says "update the TCU with IDS version xxx" and never have to look deeper.
I have a copy of a notice to dealers from Ford Canada on April 20 this year on the Customer Satisfaction Program 21B09 and it has the following text:

NOTE for Focus Electric Owners Only: Certain charge scheduling functionality (Preferred Charge Times) through the FordPass App is now available for completed repairs with an over the air update or available to dealers with the latest software level for the TCU which is part of the TCU upgrade process.

I think I'm going to have to show them this notice.