Setting "Home" Value Charge Schedule

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Aug 2, 2022
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
I'm not sure if this is possible now, but in case someone knows a secret, I'm asking...

After 6.5 years of having my FFE, though two of them without value charging because of the TCU software bug that was finally fixed in March, I only recently discovered my FFE has two value charging schedules: one for at home and one for everywhere else (the "default" schedule).

I noticed this when I changed the only one I can through the dash menu, which is the default one. I changed the weekday start time to midnight instead of 11 pm. When I shut off the car away from home with value charging enabled, it would indicate indicate it would start at midnight, as expected. When at home, it would say 11 pm.

The display shows the existence of a "home" schedule, though it doesn't show what it is. The "edit" button for the home schedule is disabled and the screen says it can be set using the MyFord app, which ceased to work in early 2022 when it was replaced with FordPass.

So, is there a way to edit the "home" value charging schedule? Perhaps it involves going through Forscan?