Departure times not working after 4G upgrade

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Jan 7, 2022
I was fighting this issue before my battery had to be replaced. After the 4G modem upgrade, the departure times and value charge doesn’t work. I am not sure what the issue is, but I will list some symptoms.

1. Departure time(mygo time) will sync from FordPass to the vehicle, but the car won’t do anything.

2. Value charge shows start Wednesday 757 and end Sunday 1657.

3. When the vehicle is plugged in, the app always shows: will finish Sunday Jan 16 at 1657.

I spoke with Ford on chat and the phone, and they basically conclude that I need to take it to the dealer.

My thoughts:

1. Internal modem clock could be messed up, either from sync3 or the modem itself.

2. Bad part.

3. Dealer installed it wrong.

4. Timing signal from 3g was used for something?
I have had this problem as well that started with the 4G modem upgrade, and posted it under the topic "Charge Time Estimate Garbage Since Upgrading Modem".

Ford said there was to be a software fix by the summer, but summer has gone and no fix occurred.
I haven’t been able to use value charge either and at least after seeing this I now know I’m not the only one. I end up waiting until 9pm to plug in and that’s still not even the best $$ charge time. I hope it gets fixed.