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Just keep in mind that there's no way you're not losing battery capacity, it just may not be much.

The yearly percentage change in Energy-to-Empty is smaller than the variation from traffic, and it's slow/continuous, so it's not likely to be noticable on the GoM until it's significant.
Understood. "100%" that is visible is not really 100% of the battery's full capacity for a few reasons one of which is to give the perception that there is not much or any loss in capacity as the battery ages. If what reads as "100%" when the vehicle is new is really only 80% (as an example) of what the battery is capable of, then as the battery ages and its real capacity drops, the percentage shown can be bumped up to give the impression the loss is not so much. At some point, there is no room left to bump things up and the range will begin to drop very noticeably.

Since the vehicle was new, I noticed about a 3% loss per year in range for particular environmental conditions. In mid-2022 I asked the dealership to do some sort of reset in the hopes that the value charging/go times that were lost when the modem was updated might be corrected. It didn't, but I noticed the appearance of a slight increase in range from that point. More recently, I noticed a sudden jump that has been relatively sustained since it occurred a few weeks ago (I was just arriving home with about 50 km range when it suddenly climbed to nearly 120 km within a few blocks of arriving home - the SOC was about 25%). I actually saw the GOM climb, drop a bit, and climb again as it happened. It was as if it received some OTA update, though if it did it wasn't the one that should fix the value charging/go time issue. :(

While the car is at the dealer's for the A/C work, I asked them to check the software version of the TCU to see if it needs updating.
I've been tracking mine since the battery swap and it does not re-allocate capacity, the available kWh offered to the driver continually diminishes.

New batteries offer around 87% of the nominal capacity plus 1kWh that's below 0 as an emergency reserve.

At full charge, the raw SoC is at 95% and at empty the raw SoC is 8.13%. When it went in my battery offered just over 29kWh from empty to full on the GoM, which perfectly fits those values and the known original capacity.

These days, the full and empty SoC values have not changed but the total energy from full to empty is now around 26.4kWh - though the exact kWh the scan gauge reports varies. My guess is that the value has a temperature factor that sometimes derates a bit.
calvinhc said:
I picked up a recharge/sealant kit today. It came with a 4 oz canister of refrigerant with leak sealer and another 8 oz canister of just refrigerant.

Where do you attach the refrigerant kit to check pressure and refill?
There should be some aluminum colored manifold tubes with shrader valves (like a bicycle wheel). Probably capped. You should be able to trace away from the evaporator mounted against the radiator.
The line between the condenser and compressor is the high pressure line. You are looking for the low pressure line. Its the fatter pipe going to the compressor. The fill ports are sized differently, so the refill kit should only fit the low pressure port. I believe it might have a blue cap.
On my 2017 FFE, both caps are black. The low pressure port is closer to the front and the tube that rises up to it is thinner than the tube rising up to the high pressure cap. However, the line that the low pressure tube connects to is thicker than the one that the high pressure cap's tube connects to. See here:

If you have Forscan, you can read the pressure for BOTH the high and low sides of the A/C system. The technician at the dealership where I was having work done was surprised that there was both on the FFE. Apparently, most vehicles only have a sensor on the high pressure side, and that includes my wife's new F150 Lightning (I just had to see what Forscan could tell me about it!).

As for my issue, everything is back to normal now that I've had the evaporator replaced. The dealership managed to cut the price by a few hundred dollars from the estimate. Still a pretty penny that I could have avoided if I realized the 6-year extended warranty I purchased with the vehicle only had 100,000 km on it, unlike my last vehicle that had 150,000 (we made sure the lightning has 150,000 km coverage!),

At least I got 39,776 FordPass points for the work to use towards something. It was just short of the 40k points for buying the Lightning. :roll: