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New member
Jan 4, 2024
windsor ont
i have a 2013 ffe was great till middle of winter. Then started faulting wen tried to charge wen bellow 0. If i took it for a ride for 20 minits then it would charge .But gradually got worse. Couldnt charge bellow 5 degrees and also had to disconect 12v battery for afew seconds then it would charge. then became under 10 degrees then under 20 was summer by this tym then became to where ring would always flash and wouldnt charge.I brought it to dealership and they told me the becm was damaged and they would sell me the whole battery for 30,000$.I think the battery is still good caus wen it would charge i got 120km per charge.I have cinse removed the becm & was wondering if i could just get another one & put it in & is there junk yards any where that stock theses great little cars. thanks in advance to anyone who could help
Interesting…this is in upper WY, not near any big urban areas (meaning, charging stations!) I can only guess they get these electric Focuses through auctions?