Battery Range is only between 68-58 after “Re manufacture battery” was installing by local Dealership under Warranty.

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Apr 5, 2024
Hello everyone, I hope to find a better solution here. In November 2019, I purchased a 2016 Ford Focus with a maximum range of 106 miles as secondary ownership. However, I began noticing a some monitor faults and decrease in range began early 2020, prompting me to request an inspection of my high voltage battery due to significant power loss and so many faults monitor Despite multiple visits to the dealership with evidence, they were unable to identify any diagnostic codes after many many faults.

In 2023, I had to tow my car four times, twice while en route to important appointments, due to the "Stop Safe" signal. Since the car was forced to stop suddenly while going downhill, it made me very nervous. At the same time, I was relieved that no one was behind me. It could have resulted in a serious accident, potentially causing harm to myself or others on this busy road. I'm grateful that there was no accident due to this issue.
Despite leaving my car with the dealership for almost a week each time, they couldn't find any code.
On another occasion, my car wouldn't start at all, leading to another tow to the dealership. After keeping my car for almost three weeks, they suggested replacing the charging code, which didn't solve the problem as my car shut down again once I got home. So I have to tow my car right away. After Delership kept my car and not informed me any until I spoked out to ford customer care.
In January 2024, the dealership finally approved the replacement of the high voltage battery, but delays ensued due to the battery not being in stock.
I have no own transportation since November 2023, Despite my frequent calls to Ford's customer support, I couldn't secure a loaner car since my extended warranty had expired in 2022. After multiple attempts to escalate the issue, the dealership received the battery in March and installed a “Remanufactured High voltage battery” (Parts ; SKU:CM5Z-10B759-TARM).
I finally received my car back 22nd March.
However, the replacement battery is only provided a range of 68 miles or less., far below the advertised 110-miles range for a 2016 Ford Focus.
Or other person who experienced to replace battery and had great Range back?! And also like to know that anyone dealership replace “Remanufucture” battery under federal High voltage battery warranty?
I do not understand that it is allow?

Despite my complaints, the dealership cited limitations with the “Remanufactured Battery” Now, with a limited driving range and the high voltage battery set to expire in February 2025, I'm seeking advice on how to proceed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Maybe depending on the Delership or mechanician ?This forum member
“Charlie dog” was posted, he was able to replace his high voltage battery in 2019. And able to got 130mile plus Range on a full charge.
Addition, I felt discriminated against during this ordeal because I am an elderly Asian immigrant with limited English proficiency. I can't help but wonder if I would have received better attention if I were an American. It seems like other forum members received prompt service once issues were identified, while I've been dealing with this problem since 2020 without adequate support from the dealership.
Any advice will much appreciated.
I am not sure what to do with this very limited battery Range car now with only less than 52,000 miles odometer was displayed.


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