My Ford Focus Electric and Mustang Mach-E battery experience

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Feb 15, 2020
I owned my 2013 FFE from 2013-2021 and experienced little, if any, battery range degradation during that time. It was sold in 2021 with 28k miles on it, garaged inside and driven solely in coastal Orange and San Diego County, so more or less ideal conditions. I didn't have any battery issues, but did discuss some scenarios with my dealer. That said, I did experience the "Stop Safely Now" issue that many owners had, but it was resolved satisfactorily.

Ford's warranty is 80% of the battery's original capacity after 8 years or 100k miles, but there are higher limits in California. If the battery needed to be replaced during the warranty period, Ford would have assessed how the vehicle was maintained and come to a determination as to what needed to be done. Thankfully, I didn't have to deal with this as my use case for the FFE was local pleasure driving and an occasional 36 mile one way trip to LAX from Huntington Beach. Some FWY driving, but the majority of my driving was stop/go on city streets, so recharging frequently benefitted my range.

My FFE was sold and replaced by a 2021 Mach-E with Extended Range battery. My range after 3 years and a little over 10K miles is better than when it was originally purchased due to some OTAs from Ford. Overall, very happy with both cars and would recommend the FFE and Mach-E. I should add that I sold the FFE because of a back issue and need a car that I could ingress/egress from more easily. Other than that I have very fond memories of my FFE.