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Apr 5, 2018
Just curious,

What is the socially acceptable charge % to disconnect someone's vehicle from a Fast charger?
I was at superstore the other day and a VW E golf had been plugged in for over 20 mins and was at 97%, so I disconnected him
and then plugged my car in before I went into the store


Anything over 80%?
Well some cars won't let you do that at all--they lock the cable to the car.

You'll get tons of opinions here on that.

So far I haven't been in a situation where I needed a charge that bad (my FFE didn't have a fast charge and I never encountered the situation with Level 2. On the Bolt its range is such that I haven't needed it yet--haven't taken a trip long enough with it).

Did you check plugshare to see if they checked in? You could have commented on that?
My FFE doesn't fast charge but I have unplugged many a PHEV when I needed the L2 charge to get to my destination. I've even parked blocking them in because I had to in order for the cord to reach. I always babysit my car in this situation so I can move to let someone out if need be. Then I just plug them back in when I leave.

If I was at a fast charger that charges by the minute I'd probably be happy someone unplugged me at 97% My rule of thumb is that I only unplug someone if I really need the charge or it appears their car is done charging. When I was in jmueller065's neighborhood at a one outlet charge station I even plugged in a car that had parked next to me when I left and it was obvious they were waiting for me to finish charging. I just try to be as reasonable and courteous as possible. Inevitability though you'll inadvertently piss someone off. I picked up one of these hang tags at an EV event and usually put it on my dash to try and let other's know if I care being unplugged. I never put when I'll be back though. That just advertises to thieves how long they have to go thru my car before I come back.