33.5 kWh Upgrade - How Does Ford Do It?

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Jun 25, 2023
Does anyone know what Ford does to get 33.5 kWh batteries to work in 23 kWh cars? I just swapped one into my 2012 FFE and I cannot get it to work.

Alternatively, would anyone with an upgraded car and Forscan be willing to post the Part and Firmware numbers of the modules in their car?
Type: FTDI #1:D36BV6YX, 3000000 bps
Adapter: vLinker FS v2.3.02 MIC3322 V2.3.02 (ELM327 v2.3)
Min.delay: 2 ms ( Excellent)
Errors: None

Model: Ford Focus
Engine: Battery Electric Vehicle
Capacity: 33.5kWh
Year: 2017
Generation: 2017 MY
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission gear: Automatic
SYNC version: SYNC 3
VIN: 1FADP3R40HLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

BECM - Battery Energy Control Module
Part number: H1F8-10B687-AD
Calibration level: H1F8-10B687-AD
Strategy : H1F8-14C197-BF
Total Distance: 18382.0 miles

SOBDM - Secondary OBD Control Module A
Part number: EM58-10B689-BC
Calibration level: EM58-10B689-BC
Strategy : EM58-14F476-BC
VIN: 1FADP3R40HLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Total Distance: 18382.0 miles

TCM - Transmission Control Module
Part number: FV68-7Z369-AD
Calibration level: FV68-7Z369-AD
Strategy : FV68-7J104-AD
VIN: 1FADP3R40HLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PCM - Powertrain Control Module
Part number: H1F8-12A650-AF
Calibration level: H1F8-12A650-AF
Strategy : H1F8-14C204-AF
Hardware type: DV68-12B684-AA

GFM2 - Generic Function Module 2
Part number: H1F8-14G431-AJ
Calibration level: H1F8-14G431-AM
Strategy : H1F8-14G525-AM

APIM - Accessory Protocol Interface Module
Part number: HP5T-14G371-CCA
Calibration level: HP5T-14G371-CCG (latest known: HP5T-14G371-CGF)
Strategy : GB5T-14G374-CB
VIN: 1FADP3R40HLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ACCM - Air Conditioning Control Module
Part number: DG9H-19F611-AB
Calibration level: DG9H-19F611-AB
Strategy : DG9H-14D491-AB
Total Distance: 18382.0 miles

GFM - Generic Function Module
Part number: H1FT-10C714-AA
Calibration level: H1FT-10C714-AA
Strategy : H1FT-14G184-AA

SASM - Steering Angle Sensor Module
Part number: DV6T-3F818-AD
Calibration level: DV6T-3F818-AD
Strategy : DV6T-14C309-AE

OCS - Occupant Classification System Module
Part number: F1EB-603B16-AD
Calibration level: F1EB-603B16-AE
Strategy : F1EB-14F595-AB
Calibration: F1EB-14F596-AE

ABS - Antilock braking system
Part number: EV68-2C219-CC
Calibration level: EV68-2C219-CC
Strategy : EV68-2D053-CC
VIN: 1FADP3R40HLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DCDC - DC to DC Converter Control Module
Part number: CM58-14B227-AF
Calibration level: CM58-14B227-AF
Strategy : CM58-14D459-AG
Total Distance: 18382.0 miles

RCM - Restraint Control Module
Part number: G1ET-14B321-AD
Calibration level: G1ET-14B321-AD
Strategy : G1ET-14C028-AA
Calibration: G1ET-14C098-AC
VIN: 1FADP3R40HLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PAM - Parking Aid Module
Part number: CJ5T-15K866-AJ
Calibration level: CJ5T-15K866-AJ
Strategy : CJ5T-14C090-AJ
Calibration: CJ5T-14C091-AH

PSCM - Power Steering Control Module
Part number: CV61-3C579-EM
Calibration level: CV61-3C579-EM
Strategy : CV6T-14C217-AR
Calibration: CV6T-14C218-AX
VIN: 1FADP3R40HLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

BdyCM - Body Control Module
Part number: GV6T-14A073-CC
Calibration level: GV6T-14A073-CF (latest known: GV6T-14A073-CH)
Strategy : GV6T-14C094-AH
Calibration: GV6T-14C095-AH
VIN: 1FADP3R40HLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

GWM - Gateway Module A
Part number: CM5T-14G192-BF
Calibration level: CM5T-14G192-BF
Strategy : CM5T-14F530-AL

FCIM - Front Controls Interface Module
Part number: BM5T-18K811-FH
Calibration level: BM5T-18K811-FH
Strategy : BM5T-14F565-AE

TCU - Telematic Control Unit Module
Part number: HJ5T-14G087-UE
Calibration level: HJ5T-14G087-UN (latest known: HJ5T-14G087-UP)
Strategy : HJ5T-14G139-UN

PDM - Passengers Door Control Unit
Part number: F1ET-14B533-BF
Calibration level: F1ET-14B533-BG
Strategy : F1ET-14C108-AG

DDM - Drivers Door Module
Part number: F1ET-14B531-BF
Calibration level: F1ET-14B531-BG
Strategy : F1ET-14C064-AG

HVAC - Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
Part number: F1ET-18C612-FH
Calibration level: F1ET-18C612-FK
Strategy : F1ET-18D619-BJ

RFA - Remote Function Actuator
Part number: F1FT-19G481-AL
Calibration level: F1FT-19G481-AN
Strategy : F1FT-14C104-AN
Calibration: F1FT-14C105-AH
VIN: 1FADP3R40HLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ACM - Audio Control Module
Part number: FM5T-19C107-GJ
Calibration level: FM5T-19C107-GJ
Strategy : FM5T-14D099-MJ
Calibration: FM5T-14D100-GJ

IPC - Instrument Panel Control Module
Part number: H1ET-10849-CB
Calibration level: H1ET-10849-CC
Strategy : H1ET-14C026-AB
Calibration: H1ET-14C088-AB
Odometer: 18382.1 miles