Upgrading from 33.5 kWh

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May 29, 2023
Hi everyone,

I've been brainstorming about extending the range of the 33.5 kWh batteries.
There's a couple of ways that I've come up to do this:

1) Upgrading / replacing each individual cells with identical dimensioned cells.
Issues: programing the BECM to accept the upgraded cells / higher kWh.

2) An auxiliary battery pack that sits in the trunk.
Issues: plugging the auxiliary system into the existing system, and making them work together.

If these ideas are complete duds, let me know! But if anyone has ran into any threads about these, please share!

Thank you!
If you want to do it as a personal hobbiest project, go for it. But it's likely not going to be more cost effective than simply purchasing a later model EV with more range.