NEED HELP with BECM configuration for the battery Ford Focus Electric of 33.5 kWh

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Sep 23, 2022
Hello, please can someone help and read BECM module with FORScan, I reqyire the file of configuration for the battery of 33.5 kWh to compare it with the battery of 23 kWh. Thank you in advance for your precious help
The BECM is inside the upper battery. I'd think if you got a 33.5 battery, it would already be programmed. Is that the only module you need to program?
In reality it's not difficult to read configuration BECM module with program Forscan but I don't have a battery 33.5 kWh, my battery is 23 kWh but I want to learn BECM configuration from the car with 33.5 kWh. That's why I ask for help of those peaple who have a 33.5 kWh car and able to read with forscan on computer. I'm from Ukraine and we have few cars like this, there is nobody to ask for help here.