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Jul 19, 2013
Okay. I purchased my 2013 Ford focus EV in July 2013. It went back to the dealer multiple times for various different recalls and other than those recalls I only needed to rotate my tires at 5000 miles. Each time it when into the dealer they left grease on my dashboard or my console and chipped the paint for the headlight recall. I contacted Ford corporate and they informed me that there was nothing that they could do as each dealer is an independent dealership which Ford has no ability to tell what to do other than make a notation that a complaint was filed. If there was a problem that the dealership could not remedy then Ford would offer to be involved. This is what was told to me by a customer service representative.
Fast forward I had one SSN and four independent issues of dying of the vehicle (died at a stop sign, DOA). I additionally had the 12 V battery under the hood go bad.
During the winter the charging door would freeze shut the temperature drop below 20°. The dealer was unresponsive as to offer a solution.
Upon complaining to the dealership directly referring to the sloppiness of their greasy mechanics I was told that I should go elsewhere.
I tried, after explaining the story.
I interviewed various different Ford dealerships to see if they were qualified to work on EV's.
I was informed by most that although they had qualified EV technicians that all they could do is plug the code reader in and read the codes.
They could do nothing else they could not drive the car they could not take it on a road trip they could not take it to the store they could not go to get coffee they could not driving around the block all they could do is plug the code reader in and based upon the reading of the code make the determination as to whether or not they were able to diagnose any issues.
At the end of July 2015 I contacted Fullerton Ford in Somerville New Jersey and informed them of my ongoing unresolved issues of the unreliability of the vehicle dying and being unresponsive. They coordinated a loaner vehicle and I dropped off the car on August 6. I contacted the dealership on August 21 to get a status after checking my MyFordMobile app, and seeing that the vehicle was never plugged in or even moved with zero mileage showing on the app from when I dropped it off. After interfacing with the dealership service manager I noticed on my app that they immediate plugged it in and moved the car after my phone call. However I also informed the service manager that the loaner that they had provided me was filthy dirty smelly stinky and a disgrace. He indicated that I should return the vehicle that was given to me as a loaner and pick my car up as they were not going to do any work because I complained to hime about the condition of his loaner. (I used it 3 days before going on vacation, it sat for over a week and did not use it). Smelled like baby milk, scum on the seats, lint all over the interior, console filled with other peoples garbage, etc.
I contacted Ford corporate on the 21st and was informed that the regional customer service representative would contact me within 24 hours. Yesterday on the 24th of August that I was awaiting that call. At 4 PM Eastern standard time I called them and reviewed the incident. The regional manager was reading the notes from the previous conversation that I had with a Ford representative that Friday before and not to be mistaken yet once again after 35 minutes of explaining and detailing all of the things that I have done on multiple previous occasions that information which was entered into the log by previous "agents" was again incorrect and not representative of the incidents or issues that took place.
So now I wait as I am told that I have to expect a return phone call on 27 August so that the regional manager of Ford motor can contact the Fullerton Ford dealership service manager to get their facts straightened out between them.
I still have a vehicle that my wife will not drive that I feel unsafe driving and Ford refuses to buyback.
I have eight remaining payments.
Each time the vehicle went in for service and the service writer would make notations of my concerns or complaints on the service order the way that they would word it would be "customer states", and of course their response after doing a code reading "no problem found".
So if a vehicle is supposed to be used on a day-to-day basis and hasn't intermittent safety issue with dying and stalling and being unresponsive at intersections and stop signs how is one supposed to have faith in a dealership so that they are mechanics or technicians can duplicate as close to possible real day activities that relate to driving a vehicle and not pulling it into a service bay and plugging a code reader Ren and then making a determination that they can find nothing from the codes from the computers?
One dealership that I interviewed the service manager at, he told me that "there's enough wiring in that computer to go from North Brunswick to Newark Airport and back three times as well as the complexity of the computer systems so we have no guarantee that we could be able to diagnose let alone fix anything".
That did not leave me warm and fuzzy so of course I did not choose that dealership.
However when I did contact Fullerton Ford in Somerville I was assured by the service manager that he had three competent technicians who were EV certified and he knew exactly which technician to place on my vehicle.
Well long story short I have a car that is sitting at the dealer that I can't drive my wife won't drive and Ford seems to be unresponsive for several months now to assist me in resolving the issues of and unreliable unsafe car.
Each time I filed a complaint regarding the dying of the engine whether it be verbally or through a dealership with a service call at the dealer they always came back and said they could not read any codes indicating such problem.
9300 miles.
Oh, and Fullerton Ford called yesterday and asked that I pick up my car, return their loaner, they say they do not want to fix it.
My 10 month old 2014 has been at dealer for over 90days now (engine "fell off") ...weekly I get a call from Ford Customer Care that it will be only a few days...

Always another excuse this week like parts being back ordered... Took till day 45 before they (dealer) offered a loaner.

Not to count the fact that the car sat for 80 days in the parking lot at dealer and went into shutdown after 45 days although I told them they should turn it in on once a while so the 12V battery does not die (the car was 80% charged)

I really think the dealers don't want to deal with FFE because Ford calls me at least weekly and are very nice on the phone.
I had a different experience at my dealer. they are EV certified, one of their managers has a hybrid.
So I took it in to have the recall about not shutting off performed.
The service advisor continued to call it a hybrid, even though I told him , no it is EV only.

on my Volt, which I returned lease ended. During my lease the transmission on the left front broke.
Chevy gave me a couresty car for 4 days while they fixed it.

Now I need to take my FFE in for a scrath that the delivery truck put on it. My dealer said don't worry, I have a car you can use..
Uncooperative dealer demanded loaner be returned, and they state 'no issues found', after a test drive.
(can an intermittent EV issue be determined by a ride around the block???)
Ford Customer Care was useless, 6 calls today, 2 yesterday, 20 minutes to 1-1/2 hours each interaction, no help whatsoever.
Basically told I needed to "expand" my search for a dealer who may wish to assist in solving dead car issue (read: unsafe, dying at intersection), outside my already 100 mile radius!
I already attempted, however, when explaining that the previous experience of grease fingerprints, chipped paint, etc., most were reluctant as I'd assume they may have thought I am too fussy. Is it too much to demand that competency, cleanliness, and respect for one's vehicle be adhered to?
Ford told me they cannot assist in finding a dealership to work with, and suggested I read the last page of my owners manual for the arbitration clause.
So let me get this correct; You buy a car, and if a dealer is unwilling to assist in solving safety issues, and the manufacturer says, "each dealership is an independently owned entity and they can do what they wish", who then might I ask is the responsible one for warranty work, safety issues, and dealer required maintenance (zero on an EV with the exception of rotating tires, which is my belief why the dealers hate EV's....they cannot make a penny on service)?
So now, the quest to request all records via certified mail or subpoena, inclusive of logs, recorded conversations and records, and hope that it was not all kept on Hillary Clinton's Server!
Any contribution as to how to proceed, address, resolve, and get a buy back is greatly appreciated.
hybridbear said:
guruuno said:
Any contribution as to how to proceed, address, resolve, and get a buy back is greatly appreciated.
Follow the instructions in the Owner's Manual regarding arbitration.

Hey thanks for advice about reading the manual (glad it was online as my car is still at the shop)

Filing with BBB AUTO LINE was very straightforward and it seems that as soon as you call them on the phone they alert Ford.

I also advised the dealer to locate a 2015 FFE (not easy to find one) and just trade me up even if I have to pay something to get that accomplished