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Jan 9, 2021
Drove home in monsoon downpour yesterday and ran through a fairly deep road, maybe 16" of water in the street. The wrench light came on while I was in the water. When I got home I parked on the drive way because the power was out. About two hours later went out to move the car into the garage when the power was back on and got the stop safely now triangle with no propulsion at all. Car is at the dealer now. Any thoughts? Anyone know of a code reader and software that will connect to the car for faults? I used torque pro and Bluetooth adapter for all my other vehicles but it won't connect to the focus. Tried fordsacn light but could lot connect to my kitbest OBD II bluetooth scanner.
Thanks Triangles. Car is still in the shop and they have not touched it yet :roll: If it's salvageable I will be buying the updated version that has the auto buss switcher. I'll post the findings from the shop.
Dealer says codes are transmission related TCM modes. Says the transmission is actually a manual transmission that is controlled by the TCM and 1-2 weeks for the transmission guys to diagnose it. This sounds like bull shit?
Call Ford dealer back and ask if car is drivable will pick up and take to another place. Service guy says yes its drivable so I go to pick it up and low and behold, zero charge on the invoice I ask why. Says oh we never got to it. Wait what??? Why all the other transmission and emissions problems your telling me about (emissions right). "Uh... I must have got you confused with another one" ya right. This will be my last Ford ever. So its going to a different shop on Monday that is not a Ford dealer. This sucks.
100% BS. Single direct drive gear to differential. That said, the TCM on the Focus EV is the part that controls the motor, so it could still be what's throwing codes.

Not sure if any other shops will be able to do much but it could be worth pulling the electrical plugs to make sure no water got in (HV disconnects, plugs on the SOBDM) and then clearing all the codes.
Yep, shit Ford dealer there.

I was thinking like anti-climax, that a little water got into a high voltage connection. Such as the three at the driver rear wheel, the disconnect at the passenger rear wheel, and the connections at the front of the lower pack.
The first two are accessible with the vehicle on the ground.
Put the rear wheels on ramps gets you to the connections at the front of the lower pack.

Disconnect the 12V battery, and then pull the disconnect behind the 2nd row seats before you check those connections.
Just to play it safe.

And as tempting as it is, do not use a silicone, or dielectric spray on the HV connector terminals. Clean with alcohol and dry with air or towels.