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Re: Uncomfortable cloth seats

Sat Aug 11, 2018 7:42 am

No luck yet. I actually almost bought a leather seat from a Titanium but it was in rough shape and exposed to weather. Not much else available around here to look at yet. But I was at least able to confirm 100% the bolts and wiring harness look the same in 2015+.

I'm going to try a slimmer seat cushion and/or lumbar pillow next..

Sadly I've been heavily considering selling my FFE. Because of the ending $14k incentive in Ontario it may actually be possible to receive a tidy profit.. I feel bad wanting to sell after a year, but out of all the cars I've driven none have had seats nearly this uncomfortable :( I guess that was the downside of never seeing the car and waiting 6+ months for factory order -- gas Focus has different cloth so could not even compare cloth vs leather there!
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