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Aug 26, 2019
Want to buy a Frosted Glass (mint green) Ford Focus Electric. Not interested in any other colors. Located in Michigan but willing to travel/ship the car. Cash in hand. Thanks!

Hi, I don't know exactly where to buy such glass, but I can recommend you guys https://www.unscratchthesurface.com/glass-resurfacing-services/, who work with scratched glass coverings. They restored my 2012 Focus Electric side window last year. In fact, I also wanted to buy a new glass, as there was a deep scratch, but this company surprised me. The window looked as good as new and there were no scratch marks ! Moreover, I saved money and time on buying a new glass. So, you can call them and they will help you.
I appreciate the link and response. “Frosted Glass” is actually the official paint name for the greenish color exterior body panel color in that era. I agree that it’s confusing.
Thanks for the link, dude, I found the same company after searching on the Internet about Scratched Glass Repair. I called them and they restored two windows on my Focus of 2015. One thing I can say that guys work fast and perfect because it's been a long time since they were restored about 1 or 2 years but my windows are still perfect. However, my wife made a good scratch on the front window some days ago in her car. Now she waits for me to come home to call the guys for restoration the window. With these cars a lot of spends.