All Focus are discontinued for BEVs in Europe. Will the Focus Electric come back?

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Dec 12, 2023
Hey guys. It’s official now that all gasoline Ford Focuses are being discontinued next year because Ford’s transition to BEVs in Europe. Do you think the Focus Electric will come back? Any news of this possibility? I would love to buy a newer version of my 2017 with range of 250-300+ miles.
Hello Blajanfire,
The answer is, I really doubt it.
The FFE was a compliance car built on an ICE chassis.
Nobody today would dare invest in producing a BEV that wasn't purpose designed from the ground up.
I really enjoy my FFE's. They were a good low-cost BEV start for me and a joy to drive, but they will never come back.
Seems all makers are now aware of and cautious of competing with Tesla's new low-cost BEV to come soon.
Now that I own a Tesla Model Y, I know how compelling they are. It is by far the best car I have ever owned.