Why does it take so long to get a battery?

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Feb 22, 2019
So this is why I believe it takes so long for Ford to provide a replacement HV battery, even after it is decided to replace the battery. If you have other thoughts, please share.

1. HV Batteries can't be stored long term. The nature of the lithium ion battery is that it needs to be kept within a specific charge range, and temperature range to prevent degradation. If the battery is allowed to fully discharge, its scrap. If the battery is exposed to too high or too low temperature, its scrap. So, to make sure that a replacement battery was readily available, the battery would have to be stored in a controlled environment, and maintained to have the proper charge. That storage facility, that maintaining equipment, and someone to check on it, cost money for something that is already a loss for Ford. The price of batteries is too costly for the average consumer, so it is not like the demand will be that great.

2. Because of #1, batteries have to be constructed/refurbish on an as needed basis. This means project managing people and material to have a battery constructed/refurbished. Yes, there might be a specific group at Ford that handles such requests, but because so few batteries are constructed/refurbished, the project is put into an already long queue, behind other more pressing projects. There is not that much "enthusiasm" as this is already a loss for Ford.

3. Because of #1 and #2, replacement cells are not stocked, and only ordered when there is a need to construct/refurbish a battery. Those orders have lead times, and cell manufacturers might not give that outdated cell as much priority as a newer cell in greater demand. Additionally, the cell manufacturer might have to tool up for making those cells. That takes time as well.

4. Even if #2 and #3 were ready to go, it still takes time to construct/refurbish the battery. I suspect the batteries were originally hand built, and so that would be the same today. No justification to invest in tooling to speed up the process. Again, already a loss for Ford.

5. Shipping takes time. It might be that the old battery is removed from the vehicle, shipped to Ford and refurbished and then returned. Maybe the replacement battery is constructed/refurbished while the old battery is in transit. Regardless, shipping is going to be the slowest way possible, because that is the cheapest. Again, already a loss for Ford.

Those are my thoughts. How about you?
1) Cold does not harm the a lithium ion battery. It's actually good for them while not in use. Only charging a sub freezing battery is bad.

I think it's more to do with the fact that in it's entire production run, there were barely more than 9k of this compliance car made. With that few made and even fewer in circulation, it makes no sense to stock replacement parts. As soon as 2026 rolls around when the last FFE's 8 year warranty expires, I expect there will be 0 support for the FFE and a replacement battery will not be available at any price...