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Aug 19, 2015
Hi guys ı am wondered whole type of electric vehicle. I find on web some inform but ı think thats not enough to understand clearly. I know EV(BEV)- HEV - PHEV. So how about to other series, paralel, etc. Cloud someone explain me or give me the strong source.
I will prepair presentation about Electric vehicle.Thats way ı must to explain whole ev technology.
Are you trying to understand the difference between a full electric vehicle, compared to a conventional hybrid and a plug-in hybrid vehicle?
Such nice information about electric vehicles. I too have been trying to find the best car for my wife’s personal use but I am not able to make any decision. It will be quite helpful if anyone here could share the Electric car buyers guide for novices!
If your presentation is going to be hours long and incredibly boring, by all means cut the detail super fine. If it were me, I'd stick to the three, hybrid, plug in hybrid, and all electric. Explain those and call it a day.

Yeah of course there all kinds of variants (except really in the all electric world - a battery powers an electric motor that drives the wheels). Hybrids get into a bazillion versions and it is pretty much just academic how they are built - or where is the electric motor and how is the battery charged?

I think the chart you found is not very useful, probably a lot outdated, and confuses the issue more than helps it.