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May 20, 2016
The Valley of the Sun
Hello all,

I recently moved from one part of Phoenix to another, which has changed my utility coverage from SRP to APS and put me on a Time-of-use plan.

Until now I had no compelling reason to use value charging profiles and can set it up ftom the EVSE side anyway *but* it was my hope that the car would still run battery cooling while plugged into 240V even if it wasn't charging. Being in Phoenix, I'm reminded about 8 months of the year that it's hot outside and I should plug in to L2 charging if possible, which I don't disagree with.

In my testing it seems that the value charging profiles block all power draw, not just the *charging* draw. Has anyone found a way to delay charging but still allow battery heating/cooling to cycle rather than an all-or-nothing behavior?

It's the 2012 model year with a 2018 33kWh battery, so it's stuck with Sync V2. I'm not against simple modifications, especially if it's something I can do via OBD/CAN.

Any ideas?