FFE @ Pull-N-Save Phoenix w/Lower Battery!

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Jun 25, 2023
Howdy All,

Was looking for parts for my FFE before Thanksgiving and found that Pull-N-Save Phoenix North has a 2013 FFE for some reason. Went in before Thanksgiving to pull some interior trim and saw that it had been marked as 'battery removed'. I went back again yesterday for more parts, one of which was a service disconnect plug. Looking under the car I found that the lower pack is still there! They hadn't even removed the service disconnect :shock:

I took the service disconnect, so it's at least safe now, but I'd hate to see the pack go to waste. The car was there because it the front end was smashed, so the pack is probably still usable. I don't have the means to remove it though. If anyone here wants a lower pack for cheap and has the means to remove it, now's your chance!

If anyone does grab it, please let me know. If no one grabs it, I will let the yard know so that they don't have a fire on their hands when they go to crush it.
The pack should be safe unless a contactor is stuck closed, but you are right, the service disconnect removed is the best assurance of no harmful voltage exposed.