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Feb 22, 2019
I could not search for this, so I am asking, has anyone made the upgrade to Sync 3.4 as described here?


I have gone through the steps to update my laptop OS, install the .NET packages, install the syn3updater software and create a USB stick. But I am very hesitant to commit to the upgrade.

Just don't want to introduce a problem where there was none originally.
I just want to update the maps from 1-15 to something more current, and supposedly 1-19 is installed.
I am not wanting the sync update, just the map update, but it seems that with this method, I can't have the maps without the sync 3.4.

So has anyone braved this update on a FFE?
If so, what disadvantages have you discovered?

Well, sync 3.4 has a different color background and slightly different graphics. It has some audio feature that includes station graphics. I haven't researched it in depth. I really only want the map updates. Many people prefer to use their phones for navigation with Waze. But I like the sync 3 interface, its just got 6 year old maps, and there have been a lot of street and POI changes since then. That's really frustrating when you are in an unfamiliar town, and want to go to STORE, so you tell Sync and it takes you to a location where STORE was 5 years ago. Makes for an official wild goose chase.
I recently updated my 2018 FFE to Sync 3.4 using the Syn3 updater. It took almost an hour to complete the update, but did finished successfully. I was biting my nails the whole time. The map update was my primary reason I updated because I live on street that didn't show up, but the biggest benefit I noticed is that the UI is much more responsive. A downside was that I had to re-initialize the myFordMobile app, but after I did that all my trip logs were still there. Was never wracking at the time, but glad I updated it now.
Well, I bit the bullet and made the update.
What a PITA! The overall process was simple, but my Windows 10 laptop was a POS. So I had to improvise to be able to both download the files and prepare the flash drive. Laptop has only 1 usb port, and that is where power is applied to the laptop.
Time to download and prepare the flash drive was about 2 hours. But that could be my internet connection and the flash drive write speed.
Inserting the flash drive into the vehicle, to requesting I remove it, was 26 minutes.
The interface does seem a little quicker, but not significantly.
The voice is slightly different.
Navigation now gives you 150 feet distance to make a turn, instead of 100 feet. :roll:
The navigation does have a distance countdown to the turn,which is nice, but you have to look at the screen to see it.
I am kinda "meh" on the new theme. Would like to be able to customize it. yes, there are four backgrounds to choose from, but they are not that different from one another.
Now has the ability to send analytics back to Ford. Whatever.
Carplay still needs a wired connection. Why not bluetooth or wifi?
Still need to investigate other changes and updates.
Heima, yeah nothing really worth it for me. My FFE doesn't have enough range for me to get far enough from home to need the nav. I have the Lincoln theme enabled on mine with the Mustang start up screen. The Lincoln theme makes the shutdown screen be the Lincoln one. My car doesn't know what it is... :lol:
I've done the update two or three times using Cyan's updater on my FFE and Expedition. I generally do it to keep maps updated because there's a lot of construction and new businesses opening in my area. Never had an issue with it, though it does take awhile. The last time I tried a map only update, it didn't work, so now I stick do doing a full update.
During my ownership of my FFE, I have moved from a major metropolitan area, SFBay area, to a hick town, Chico, to a mid sized city, Fresno. So I am new to the neighborhood and have not figured out where everything is. Having updated maps should help, as the old maps took me to an empty parking lot that was supposedly Costco. Maybe in 2014. Or a Walmart that is now an empty building, or other crazy things.

Still stores that I would think were here in 2019 are not showing up on the 2020 maps. Maybe Fresno doesn't rate that high for map updates. Dunno.

As an aside, I was able to get the 3 month free trial of Sirius XM again. It seems that if you wait about two months after the free offer ends, and then sign up again with a different email address, you are good for another 3 months. I have done this four times now.
Well, wouldn't you know it. I update to Sync 3.4 and now Ford tells me I can update my Sync3 to 3.0.20204!
Wheeeee, hurray!
Meh. :p