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Aug 2, 2022
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
About two months ago, I got a "Traction Control Off" warning that cleared itself before I could get home and see if ForScan could give me any further information. This did not recur again until a week ago when it came on on two occasions. Both times again, it cleared before I reached home and could see nothing unusual with ForScan.

I'm wondering if some sensor has failed or might just have some dirt/crud on it. Any ideas?

The vehicle was in for a service check yesterday, but they wanted to charge me to scan for it and given I couldn't see anything myself in ForScan, I didn't want to spend the money to find out they couldn't see anything.

The funny thing is, if I have to drive with a substantial snowfall on the ground that has not been plowed, I find turning off the traction control makes it easier to drive. The navigation through the menus to get to the shutoff control is a bit of a pain, and it resets back to 'on' the next time the vehicle is restarted. It would have been convenient to have it stay off for this purpose, but as my luck goes, the fault only appears in a winter when we had hardly any snowfall.