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Jan 18, 2022
i recently contacted ford since they said they were adopting the nacs standard and for their customers who have the old ccs port they would provide the nacs adapter for free for ford vehicles. Well i contacted ford and they said they are providing the nacs adpater but only for the f150 lightning and the mach e. Nice to know Ford has your back (not). I live in canada and am a bit disappointed that ford has simply written off those early adopters with the "too bad so sad attitude".

I have a 2018 Ford Focus Electric with the CCS port for fast charging. Ford is not the company they used to be. Are my counterparts in other countries experiencing the same "we dont care" attitude from ford customer dissatisfaction program? I get it that they want you to abandon your 2018 and buy a new one but if they take this approach to customer service with their older models i think it is not an approach that sits with me well. oh well there is my rant for the day lol
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Yeah, we know your frustration. Part of me thinks, "Just a few years ago, i did a reservation for a F-150 Lightning. But when it came time to order, the Pro was not available, and the price was $5k more. The next time I was offered to buy, the Pro was not available, and the price was $10k more. The next time I was offered to buy, the Pro was not available, and the price was $15k more. The next time I was offered to buy, the Pro WAS available, but it was $10k more. At that point, enough Lightnings had been available to end users that their reviews were not stellar. So I would not and did not buy."
Another part of me thinks "You tried to screw me as an early adopter of your truck, now you are slapping my face because I did buy your car. Even though I have an extended premium warranty, I really think they are going to leave me to the wind when they should follow through. Ford is going bankrupt? Good, rot in hell motherfuckers."
I am sure that a lot of other people have the same sentiments. I was thinking about the Maverick as an alternative, but now, nope.
I'm also in Canada with a 2018 FFE. Would I have access to a Supercharger if I bought a NACS adaptor?
I understand Ford comes from the school of 'upgrades comes with a new car'. They will eventually have to adapt.
The thing is, the 2017, 2018 Ford Focus Electric is not a car you would take on a long trip, so no real need for that adaptor. All the vehicles that would now be at Tesla, sites will free up the other level 3 chargers for the FFE use as well. I was a little upset they were not giving me an adapter until I figured I may never even need or use it. And Ford only built these EV's under diress because of mandates, not to please the owners. And there are only a couple thousand of them out there anyway. If I were Ford, I would not send them out either.
There is a cost to goodwill. In this instance, if Ford only sent the couple thousand adapters to the 2017 and 2018 FFE owners, their loss would be maybe $200,000. That would bring a positive experience for those couple thousand owners that might in turn decide to buy a Ford in the future. If only 5% were to follow through and buy a new Ford as their future vehicle, buying vehicles costing at least $30k, thats $3M. If there is a 20% profit margin (what I suspect), they would have made $600,000, net $400,000. If only a 10% profit margin (which they would claim), they would have made $300,000, net $100,000. This is a drop in the profit/loss bucket, but it was beneficial.

But because they decided to give the middle finger to 2000 owners, no money lost, no money gained either, and maybe only 1 or 2 people will be buying a Ford in the future.

Where I live, I could use the adapter. Believe it or not, DCFC costs the same as charging at home. Maybe cheaper. There are convenient locations for Tesla Superchargers, and a lack of CCS chargers.
I occasionnaly drive outside my area. Most quick-charge areas only have 1-2 stations, when nearby Tesla Superstation have 8-12 stations. I'd be more than willing to use Tesla's facilities instead of waiting in line...