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ptt007x said:
did the same thing down here where I live....drove up Glendora Mountain Road. Left the house with a full charge. Got to the top, a bit less than 20 miles, had about 20 miles remaining on the GOM. Had a nice lunch with the wife, then came back down. Used no electricity going back down, and arrived back home with a fuller charge than when we left the top of the hill, and the GOM showing about 130 miles remaining.

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ptt007x - did exactly the same thing a few weeks ago, just before we sold our FFE. In fact, done that run quite a few times in our car. Figured I had to be the only person that had done this, but guess I'm wrong. Another good route is up GMR to East Fork, then back down through Azusa Canyon. Very nice loop, with a great stop for lunch at the wilderness area trailhead, or at the top of Shoemaker Grade Road.