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I have an OBDLINK LX, MX+, and EX. Since you are using only Android, you can go with the MX and skip the MX+. Well, this is odd, the MX isn't made anymore. Hmm. I recently bought a Topdon Topscan. I am going to see if that works with Forscan. If yes, then that would make a great all round use OBDII dongle. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: well, sad trombone. The computer would connect and pair with the Topdon dongle, but Forscan would not connect through the dongle. This leads me to believe that the dongle uses some Topdon proprietary protocol. That would make sense, because Topdon sells the dongle at a good price, but requires yearly updates to the app that are the same price as the dongle.
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If you can scarf up a computer with USB to use Forscan for windows, the OBDLINK EX and the vLinker FS (also have this) both work better than the Bluetooth or WiFi based dongles and are cheaper. Right now, the OBDLink EX is $60, and the vLinker FS is $31 with coupon at Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/JUTA-vLinker-FS-Scanner-Diagnostic/dp/B0BB5SDNZ2. Thats a no brainer. Also, Forscan for windows has better functionality. And with a license and signing the waiver, you can program modules (upload calibrations) with the windows version of Forscan.