My 2013 FFE has been in shop for 1 month with Bad ECM

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Jan 22, 2020
1st, I would like to say greeting to everyone and sorry I had to come here asking for help or ranting.

I have a 2013 FFE with roughly 68k miles.
I ran into a Stop Safely Now code. I had for a few days before it wasn't able to clear in it's own. Towed it to Ford dealer where it sat for a month. I finally get a call that I need a new ECM with a job totaling 4k. I did buy extended warranty that claim to be bumper to bumper. I guess I was naive when I heard bumper to bumper because that to me sound like everything in the car is protected.

I obviously didn't buy a focus EV because I had huge income to spare on a car. I bought the car because I needed to find a way to squeeze the most out of my income. This is super frustrating.

Is there any other option I have from anyone with experience with this issue? I seen a few around.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
Lahiiem said:
It's from a 3rd party called The Mechanics.

Yep, I NEVER recommend getting a 3rd party warranty when a factory warranty is available.
Dobrinia said:
Lahiiem , I can help you
Do you have a desire to repair your car yourself?

I just got a phone call from ford. Mechanics warranty will foot the bill for parts after having a letter from an attorney sent to them. Pretty sad because they must know they're in the wrong from the start. Ill end up paying 1/5 of the 5I bill which isn't so bad. I'll end up selling the focus once I get it back from dealer. I can't deal with another issue financially and will let the buyer have the remaining warranty on the car.
Just an update incase anyone else come upon this issue. After dealing with my shitty ford dealer. They finally got ford engineering to fly over and look over the car after being in the shop for 3 months. Ford decide it was the battery and will foot the cost of replacement. I'm not sure if I'm getting the 100 mile range battery or older generation. Very frustrating but atleast I should have my car back within a week or two. My warranty company paid for 10 days of car rental and the rest fell on me. Also got hit for 4 diagnostic charges. Pretty much paid for their guessing game. My service rep was horrible. Didn't even try to explain to warranty company what the issue was.
So after I originally thought I would have my car back. Guess what? Still in the shop. What is today's date? 27th of March. This is Nuts. I know the world is crazy with the Virus and such but to get a call yesterday telling me come pick up my car. I was very happy just to have a work car. Sharing one car with a family of 5 with small kids is brutal. I picked up my car just to hear large clunking noise on my driver rear wheel well. My assumption is the tech who installed the battery must've left a tool there because I couldn't pin point the noise. After paying 1k to pick up my car just to drive it straight back to Cortese Ford and find out they laid the guy off who worked on my car. I'm totally lost now. As if having my car in the shop for 4 months isn't enough reason to be piss since when I knew it was a battery issue when I dropped it off. Service rep told me the guy who worked on my car has been a tech for 35 years. Sure looks like took him 3 months to reach out to Ford for engineering help.

Does anyone know what kind of legal matter I can build up for FFE. I know this is an issue that Ford knows about.

My battery was suppose to be new but I'm sure they gave me the same refurbished model. I haven't seen any range improvements from the 10 minutes I had before I drove it back to dealer.

Hope this helps out with others with SSN alarm on their FFE.
I'm looking at a similar situation. Mine's been in the dealer service bay for 2+ months, and they are laying off a lot of their staff. The update I got this week was that Ford is also cutting back their technical staff. So not only is the dealer understaffed and slower, the engineers at Ford are also now understaffed and taking twice as long to respond to my local dealer as they go back and forth on diagnostics.

I'm sersiously worried that my car is never going to be fixed at this point, and I really hope they don't lay off the person who has been doing the majority of the work on it!

I imagine Ford's legal department will also get layoffs, so even if we try some form of recourse there, it might be years....