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Mar 16, 2021
I have a 2017 ford focus EV. I was braking coming to a red light when I heard a thud. From there a red light came on the dash that said pull over safely! My car would no longer move. The radio was still on and when I turned it on and off nothing happened. I finally opened the door so the whole car powered off and then started it again and it finally moved. I have no idea what happened or what that was??? Anyone else have this happen? Thanks Lynnette
There should be a trouble code stored for whatever triggered that stop now message. Others might know of some specific cause that would match that description, but knowing that code would be very helpful. If you don't have ForScan and an adapter, a place like AutoZone should be able to read it out.
Contactors make a thud when they operate. If the full set (3,4?) were all to open at the same time, it could be perceived as a loud thud.

I just checked, and I can't use an standard OBDII scanner to check the trouble codes. Maybe my scanner is defective, but its reading the Matrix, the Metro, and the Prius no problem. It cycles through about 8 protocols, but none handshake with the car.
As an alternative, you can try Engineering Test Mode as it might provide those DTCs.

Best would be to get a OBDII dongle and use Forscan.