Battery completely dead after I just charged last night???

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Apr 7, 2024
San Diego
So I charged my 2015 focus yesterday evening , this morning 530am I went down and moved it half a block so I wouldn't get a ticket . I hit the lock button once on remote heard it lock before I walked awAy . I go to leave 8 pm and nothing . Completely dead dead . I discovered the hidden key on remote while checking for a dead battery in remote ,lol . I was able to get in a d try the power button , nothing. If i forget to turn something off when getting out of vehicle , when I would hit the lock button it would beep 2or 3 times so I would check. But that didn't happen this morning . I will probably have it towed tomorrow to a charging station. I have a 3 yr power train warranty I wish they would just put a new one in.
So your remote battery is dead? Or the 12V battery is dead? The only way to loose the HV battery charge over night would be to leave the climate control on.

If the 12V battery goes dead, the car acts crazy.
If the remote battery is dead, you can put the remote onto the special spot in the center armrest.