Impressions after 2 weeks of ownership

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I am now averaging around 235 Wh/m on my daily commute. 52 miles round trip, downhill in the morning (average around 190 Wh/m that direction) without using HVAC, about 10 miles of 40 to 45 mph driving with a few stop lights, then the remaining drive at 70 to 75 mph on the 605 Freeway. Coming home, it's typically pretty warm out, so I have to use the A/C; the drive is much slower, due to higher volumes of traffic, but I will usually see 60 to 65 on freeway on short stretches, with a few slow patches in between. My house is about 1000 feet elevation, my destination is about 400 feet. I haven't really changed my style of driving much since buying the FFE; however, I wasn't a real aggressive driver while doing this drive in the first place. But, I am certainly not one of those folks that camps out in the carpool lane at 65 mph; if traffic is going 80, so am I.

That seems reasonable. My commute 80 miles round trip, a few neighborhood miles but at least 70 on the freeway, usually at full freeway speed. I go over the Sepulveda and Santa Susana passes both directions. I'm consistently 275 Wh/mile with air conditioning, poorer with heat of course.