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Jun 29, 2024
Northern California
Greetings! I'm the proud new owner of my dream car, a 2017 Ford Focus EV, 45,000 miles and in absolutely perfect condition, including the battery!
I live in Northern California, the Bay Area, "Silicon Valley", and I found this Blue Gem in Marin county, North of San Francisco. My wife and I fell in love with it (it's my 4th EV). It's Racing Sparkly Blue, fully loaded, and we got it for an insane deal well within 4 digits...
The fully charged battery showed 116 mile projections, and in a few days of hypermile-ing, the projections now show 130+. Full leather, Sony sound system, seat AC/ heaters, and an L3 charging port (!) everything clean, intact, and essentially brand new.
A few interesting points:
- it's incredibly good looking, "like a Cadillac and a spaceship had a baby!"
- it came with ultra high performance, all season sports tires instead of the douchy, loud, slippery and expensive Michelin Energy Savers - the handling transformation is remarkable and the range is completely unaffected. I believe LRR tires are kind of a scam and completely not needed.
- It's terrific looking, very strong and really well balanced. Steering feel is excellent. I'm quite familiar with the gauges and setup as I have owned both a Cmax and a Fusion PHeV. This Focus is is better than both of them. And it's insanely higher quality than my Chevy Bolt was, that thing rattled from the very first day, this Focus is tight and quality feeling.
Check out the pictures, I couldn't be happier with this Blue Baby Beast...


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Congrats! I have gotten questions and compliments on my gold 2017. Its kind of a luxury car that doesn't look pretentious.