2017 charger plug got bumped. the CCS outlet bent a little but works

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Nov 28, 2023
Someone walking by the car bumped the plug. Now the charging door won't close perfectly, because the combo outlet unit as a whole has rotated down and to the left slightly. Since "bending it back," It closes 99% "enough." Body shop helped that process and I'm wondering what it would look like behind the panel. Is the charger sitting connected to a bracket which bent? Any diagrams or photos to help me imagine this if I were to go in and do a little more bending?

I really don't think the charging itself has been compromised. I plan to drive another 5-8k miles pretty soon here so I guess we'll find out together on that particular instance.
This is a 4-month update that I have experienced no further issues regarding this situation. I am still able to charge at 50kW and have weaseled in a way to make the door appear to close pretty flush still. All in all, it only is a cosmetic issue and others should not worry too much about it.