Great stability of FFE 2013-137KM TOP SPEED

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Someone needs to put on his/her seatbelt.

Not sure what the big deal is. All cars should be able to do 84mph without issue.
I'm sure the ST & RS have a much more stiff suspension.

That isn't to say the FFE is a slouch (as a standard Focus isn't a slouch either).

I always thought the governor on the FFE was well done: Once you hit the 84 mph it simply stopped going faster (of course this makes sense since the motor controller can simply just say "nope no more"). I contrast that with the speed limiter on my old pickup: Hitting its limiter felt like you really did hit something--granted with its big engine it was still accelerating at a rapid rate when I'd hit the limiter (until I got a custom tune and eliminated that).
I also own a Focus RS. I can tell you that the two cars drive completely different. The RS suspension is much stiffer (particularly in Track mode), and the car handles completely different. The RS will oversteer if you want it. I can't imagine trying to get my FFE to oversteer.

And, the speed limiter is set much higher on the RS than the FFE.