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May 23, 2012
I am curious if anyone has been able to find out if the a/x/z discount plans will be available on the FFE and if so, what those prices will be? According to edmunds the invoice is $36,922 for the msrp of $39,995

The dealers around me in Iowa know nothing with one saying they thought it'd be a year before they could answer any of my questions.
What are the a/x/z pricing plans? Are those internal Ford discounts or something else that I should know about?!

I wonder if they wouldn't apply to the Focus Electric until all of the reservations are filled and they have a 'surplus' of them?
They are the employee and supplier discounts.
A - Active employees
Z - Retired employees
X - Suppliers

A little bit more information here - http://www.fordemployeeplan.com/pricing.html

The nice thing, in addition to the varying discount, is that it is no negotiation. The price is the price.

We were able to use it when we ordered a 09 Mariner Hybrid (6 month wait), so that makes me hopeful they will honor them with the FFE too.
I had a code for the X plan price, but the dealer said this was a special limited edition car and they would only sell it at MSRP.
That was Hassett Ford, Long Island, NY.
That is disappointing to hear and I am not sure which part I find more disappointing, the fact they wouldn't honor your x-plan or that they are considering it a special limited edition vehicle. I'd hoped ford was taking battery ev's seriously and not just putting out a me too model to meet California demands, looks like that is yet to be seen.