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Sep 14, 2020
North Bergen
Hey guys, I have a 20' X 20' garage with ~8' ceilings, and I live just west of Chicago. As you can imagine it can get pretty cold out here, and I am sick of using a kerosene torpedo heater for many reasons. I am wanting to add a ceiling mounted heater for next winter, and am starting to look at options.

This spring I am going to tear down all of the drywall, insulate everything, and put up new drywall (existing is all beat to crap). The door is a newer insulated aluminum door. One full wall is an interior wall, and maybe half of another is as well. Above the garage is open attic.

I was looking at electric just because it seems very easy to install, and less money than a gas heater. The garage is pretty small, and I won't be heating it unless I am doing some work out there. My question is will a 5,000 watt take forever to warm it up? They are about 17,000 BTU, which I am sure is enough to maintain temp once I have it all insulated, but I am worried about that warm up time. What can you say about heaters on the truckpowerup.com I read article and reviews are very good hope to find their good one.

Anything else you guys have to say about options for me, I am all ears.
Step 1: Open door to house.
Step 2: Put fan in doorway to garage such that it blows cold air from garage into the house.
Step 3: Turn on fan high and enjoy a toasty warm garage in about 15 minutes or less..

Cheap easy and you don't need another heater.